Mutant X "The Taking of Crows" movie

Year: 2003

Duration: 00:42:57

Directed by: Bill Corcoran

Actors: Victoria Pratt, Victor Webster, Forbes March, Karen Cliche

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: The series “Mutant X” follows the adventures of people – mutants who are outcasts in the result of experiments conducted in the field of genetic engineering. Due to scientific experiments, conducted in secret under the government, they acquire supernatural powers and abilities.

Realizing that the situation is out of control, organization, on the orders which were these supermen, is now trying to destroy his “children.” One of the scientists who participated in the development of the program, Adam decides to help mutants. It creates a team of four mutants, so-called command “Mutant X”.

Review: It should be recognized that the general theme the X-Men and mutants I like. So that by this series I could not pass up.

From direcotr of Unquiet and Cold Squad “Clean”

In reality TV series turned out not bad. We’ve seen movies about People X, were also a couple of animated series, but the show with live actors I’ve ever seen.

In principle, the draft did not disappoint. He uses the theme of children of the atomic age, but in a slightly different way. I mean the problem of super-powers, mutants, people and organizations have remained secret. But that’s all the characters new and unfamiliar.

So go straight to the actors. In fact, they are less than what was in Humans X (pardon the parallels), but here the presence of a team of five people is justified.

Shalimar (Victoria Pratt – Macon County Jail) – the femme fatale series. That is, looks good, and in fact she is a real wild cat – not only in nature, but according to his abilities (strength, jumping, agility, and eyes like a cat).

Jesse (Forbes Murch) – one of the two guys on the team of Adam, has the ability to turn into a material to which disturbs or become “transparent” to refer to objects (not invisible, but in the sense that through it all runs).

Brenan (Victor Webster) – Mr. Electric shock, as I call it, is able to concentrate the electric discharge between your hands.

Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) – a very sweet girl, actually gives the impression of a quiet neighbor girl. Her character I liked the most (do not know why). She – a telepath.

Adam himself (John Shea) – not a mutant (like), but has a direct relationship to them, their abilities. The scientist, leader of their group.

Dr. Eckhart (Tom MakKemus) – the main villain and leader of an organization that is engaged in the mutants (he also seems to be a mutant.)

If we turn to the story, it turns out that it is quite simple – the organization of involvement in the mutation, evil doctor, those who hunt mutants, the common people, mutants, and again our heroes. All mix, add a bit of action (usually at the end of the series) and a new eyeballs at the beginning – here’s the episode. In general, no strikes, but you can see, there is not even a bad series that you want to review it again.

The special effects for the show is not bad. Intrigue sometimes arise. The main characters get a nice and interesting. In general, the series is made with dignity.

Bottom line: still not a masterpiece, causing a storm of delight and inexpressible emotion, but a good daily series that can be recommended to fans of the series Mutant X, how a new perspective on such a story, and ordinary fans of comic books and science fiction.



Mutant X “The Taking of Crows”