House of Whipcord movie

Year: 1974

Duration: 01:38:01

Directed by: Peter Walker

Actors: Anne Michele, Barbara Markham, Patrick Barr, Ray Brooks, Sheila Keith, Dorothy Gordon, Robert Tayman

Language: English

Country: UK

Also known as: Photographer’s Models, Flagellations, Tukthuset, E sul corpo tracce di violenza

Description: In pre-Thatcher England young ladies are running about showing off their wobbly bits and engaging in various sorts of debauchery, and yet the courts are refusing to punish the young sluts in the manner necessary to correct their wanton ways.  Sometimes you need to take the law into your own hands.  So Mark E. Desade and his family are seeking out London’s lascivious slatterns in order to provide them with a loving family environment in their private prison that will help the girls develop a healthier sexuality.  Also they whip their naked bottoms which certainly can’t hurt.

Unfortunately, the family has yet to develop an effective release program.  But it takes time to get these sorts of things squared away. Awesome flick heartily recommended for fans of Walker, sluts, whips and/or titles lacking in articles.

Here’s what you get:

[X]  Sluttiness
[X]  Whips
[X]  Shelia Keith
[X]  Swinging 70s Fashion

Review: Getting young French model Anne-Marie Di Bring the mysterious Mark Desadom at a party seemed to her brilliant start of the novel. However, she does not even prepared for her nightmare to the home of her new lover.

British director Pete Walker throughout his film career took off low-budget horror movies and pictures with an erotic twist. The film “House of Whipcord” in 1974 is not an exception, showing an example of a typical operating movie on the fashion in the 70’s theme of women in prison and bullying them there because “House of Whipcord” – a horror with explicit sadomasochistic inclination (the name of the main character any person directly alludes to the Marquis de Sade), which significantly influenced by the work Russ Meyer and Roger Corman, and even, in a sense, this tape is anticipated the appearance of the “Hostel”.

The film, starring little-known actors are busy, though an excellent job with their roles and created a very compelling images.

Operator Peter Jessop took a picture very traditional, expertly balancing between scenes of a sexual nature and scenes of violence.

Excellent addition to the painting became the soundtrack Stanley Myers forcing masterful suspense in it. especially towards the end.

I recommend this little-known British horror film to all fans of classic horror and trash.



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House of Whipcord