Moana movie

Year: 2009

Duration: 1:38:20  ,  1:23:51

Directed by:  Alfredo Peyretti

Actors: Violante Placido, Fausto Paravidino, Gaetano Amato 

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Also known as: 

Description: This is one of the most disturbing stories of the Italian television-acclaimed porn star Moana Pozzi Italian who died in mysterious circumstances today. A television film to follow the whole background with super erotic
There are no hard scenes, but the rate is very high and erotic nudes there, for that matter what is said is the life of the most famous porn actress in Italy: Moana.
The last effort of the year for production, directed by Alfredo Peyretti Sky Cinema, will air Tuesday and one Wednesday, December 2, in prime time and with lots of stickers for children, but it remains to be seen whether the schedule will slip because of the presence of scenes not suitable for those under 14 years.

Between episodes and a few real liberal interpretation, the miniseries (broadcast on Sky Movies HD 1 and 1) tells the story of Anna Moana Pozzi starting from his childhood-teenage girl exuberant, and then concentrates on the beginning of his career in the world of ‘ hard.

To dress up the challenging role of porn is that Violante Placido about the original, and its interpretation, said: “I was beside Moana in thought and imagination. This role has been a huge challenge because I had to deal with a complex woman, an exhibitionist, but also full of humanity, torn between joy and anguish of living. ”

The film, after the flashback that opens the opening scenes of the first episode, to help you understand what will weigh on the refusal of the family diva once discovered his chosen profession, dwells in the tale of the arrival of Moana in Rome, meeting with the world hard with Schicchi, Cicciolina, Diva Futura.

“She chose porn as a provocation – adds Placido – to his Catholic family, a little ‘bigoted, hypocritical, and society, because it has a great need to be accepted. I believe that everyone is born with a nature, then sometimes it is the environment in which we live that makes us into something far from what we are. She has had the courage to make his choice extreme. ”

Pivotal characters alongside Placido-Moana, are the manager Riccardo Schicchi (played by Fausto Paravidino) Cicciolina (Giorgia Wurth), Baby Pozzi (Elena Bouryka), her husband Antonio Di Ciesco porn star (Michael Venitucci), the friend and make-up sex change then Mario / La Maddalena (Giuseppe Soleri).

About licenses narrative about the life of Moana, Leonardo Breccia of Polivideo that Sky Cinema signature production, explains: “We did not want to do or a documentary or journalistic investigation, but told the woman, taking off masks and hypocrisy, has made a choice unthinkable in the 80s. Choice that has affected the history of our country and for this reason Moana has become a myth. ”

To close the first of two episodes, is the meeting between the Moana and future husband Antonio Di Ciesco, where Breccia reports: “As Schicchi, he saw it and found Violante Placido, the more credible the same Moana.” But some problems along the way fiction has been, as the change of director (initially headed by Cristiano Bortone) and the legal issue between Sky and Ilona-Cicciolina Staller, upset for not being requested for the construction of mini-series .

“His editorial did not reflect more than our original idea – says the head of Sky Cinema Nils Artman – Bortone oversaw all pre-production and the end result is the product of the work of both directors.” As the controversy moved to take legal action, says the vice Sky, Andrea Scrosati: “The application was refused an emergency, we have treated the character as Cicciolina any public figure. However, the hearing was postponed until January. ”

It will be a kinky movies, “said the director Alfredo Peyretti, commenting Moana, which he directed the miniseries, and now came the last two weeks of shooting. But the joke did not like to Violante Placido, the actress in the TV series will play the porn star. “horny is a term that diminishes a bit ‘all’ replied dry.
The actress will appear on the small screen dressed and made ​​up as a pornstar. With a similarity that for many it is impressive. Although, on closer inspection, not even push up the returns accurate measurements of the original (see photo).

The Placido said that his character: “Beyond his work with the extreme choice of porn (he made ​​62, ed), Moana had a way of approaching life totally without conditions, had something in addition to a rebel enthusiasm and a zest for life uncommon that gave strength to each his choice. Well, this is who will play the Moana ”

The two episodes retrace the most important in the life of Moana Pozzi, who died of cancer at age 33, including its political activity in the party of love. And then work with the company pornographic Diva Futura Riccardo Schicchi (played by Fausto Paradivino), her husband Antonio Di Ciesco prapporto (match them by Michele Venitucci) with Cicciolina (played by Giorgia Wurth), her important friendships between men politicians, his television appearances that made ​​him a star in thethe 80 beautiful,intelligent , provocative and challenging .
The director Alfredo Peyretti has taken the place of Christiano Bortone, fired after several weeks of shooting and having done all the preparation work of fiction, including the choice of protagonists. The miniseries is produced by Polivideo and Sky Movies will air between the end of the year and early 2009.



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