Monsters in the Woods movie

Year: 2012

Duration: 01:23:41

Directed by: Jason Horton

Actors: Linda Bella, Glenn Plummer, Lee Perkins

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Монстры в лесах

Description: The crew of one low-budget horror film goes into the wilderness to shoot an episode of the film. Soon, however, they become the heroes of the present horror flcik, because after them starts chasing a few monsters that live in the forest.

Review: Producer – a position so important and very responsible. In fact, from his efforts will determine the fate of any film. We need to find investors to accurately calculate the estimated revenues and expenses, allocate resources and monitor their proper use. Indeed, in the case of a negative result on the court can form unintended victim, and the whole world is on the verge of death. Unexpected turn … So, “Monsters in the woods.”

You would think that a film can be absolutely anyone, we need only an idea, a desire and a couple of cameras? Looking at the characters of this creation, we can say that, at best, simply will not work. “This is not an argument!” – You say? Well, if your hands do not grow from where they created nature, the skills in the film industry are not available, and even with a technical problem and the cast, and the output you want to get exactly the movie and nothing else seems to be the only option – to sell his soul to the devil.

In short the idea of ​​tape – this is a movie about how to make films. However, the quality of that one, that other poor. From the first frame is given by one question – is it Jason Horton, and all those who had a hand in the creation, did not realize that their creation is very loosely be called a movie at all? Actors do not play, the actors grimace – and even that they are able to do with great difficulty. The most terrible impression remains of colors. And it seems to be not only in the equipment amateur use. Picture heavily marred by mercilessly scorching sun, faded paint, and occasionally discolored. “Blair Witch” in this context seems to be simply a masterpiece of the operator and the art director. Because of the tight budgetary framework crew had no choice but to go into the forest, and therefore the place of action will be limited in the same forest, and even caves. But why the cave like basement, covered film and rags? And as for what looks like some sort of “gates of hell”, which will be given more attention in the story, does not allow me to sound education and moral standards.

Further into the forest – more wood. Speaking of the plot. A group of people left for the woods to shoot a horror movie about the attack monsters on the camp. The crew, as the selection, a caricature of a caricature. The director, who believes that only he, Al Pacino and a few stars have a real gift of making movies. Sound engineer, most of the time for carrying out the setting of primitive microphone. The operator, who is filming everything, except what is necessary. “Left” producer allegedly commanded respect and fear, no skeletons in the closet and on which are hung in droves, “budding” actress. Dumb blonde in the title role, which lacks the intelligence does not breathe when it sticks in the throat of a piece of wood. And the likeness of the monster that resembles a mummy stork in jeans. They are serious about photography, and even random and senseless death of the director, who died of a stroke on the camera, it helps them to complete the film.

“I know he would like that we will finish the film!”

Then they mobbed a monster. In this case, the producer slyly smiling beasts are left untouched, and the forest suddenly appears brutal woman with gun and shouting: “Where is he? Where a producer? ‘. Next – blackouts, like the filmmakers and the audience. For a simple plot begins to twist so famously that just do not have time for the lack of logic the writers.

And for dessert portion ridiculous dialogue and action by the characters in the film.

Director: “You can not just remove all? Do not turn off the camera never, even when you change the film or the battery? ”

Operator: “Okay!”

And now the comic atmosphere reaches its climax. Some dialogs do not submit to any logic, and their meaning is a mystery. Why in the movie about monsters image of Jesus? Why the hero moment ago lying in blood and screaming, he does not feel the legs suddenly starts running and destroy the monsters left and right? What you need brutal woman from a producer? Why in the scene, when the characters were bent over the body, and one of them says, “I’m sorry”, pulls, excuse the expression, neighing, and not sympathize? And as the girl with the face bitten off all still walking, and even running? Involuntarily start thinking about higher matters, and his sense of life.

However, the closer the final, the more frequently visited an interesting idea. Perhaps the filmmakers realized what product is obtained as a result, and this movie is nothing but a parody, a caricature of the way these stories are taken and how they were written script. Because it is serious about this work of art, it is not possible, and with each frame the story becomes ridiculous and laughable.

But the monsters turned out funny – like a mixture of a spider with a crocodile and human feet.



Monsters in the Woods