Thrillkill movie

Year: 1984

Duration: 01:36:15

Directed by: Anthony D’Andrea, Anthony Kramreither

Actors: Robin Ward, Gina Massey, Laura Robinson

Language: English

Country: Canada | USA

Also known as: Aoratos dolofonos, Thrillkill – Das tödliche Computerspiel


A bunch of crazy Canuck video game designers perfect the Superman 2 bank account skim. I never really figured out how the skim is connected to the video game other than that the programmers working on the game are the thieves and the super secret account information and location of the $3.5 million in ill-gotten gains are hidden within the game. The game is really super awesome. It consists of a video of a hallway and a chick in spandex. The player takes a toy Han Solo gun and points it at the screen and the pushes the up cursor on the keyboard at the same time that he makes “pew pew” sounds at the screen with the Han Solo gun. After seeing this game in action it became clear why the programmers were stealing money instead of becoming super rich video game developers.

Anyway, the incredibly and unnecessarily large gang of conspirators start turning on each other, hoping to keep the loot for themselves.  Sister stewardess of the primary thief gets caught in the middle of things. Thrilling killings ensue.  Who will get the cash? Will anyone survive? How come none of these bitches are taking their clothes off? These questions and more may or may not be answered if you download and watch THRILLKILL!!!11!!

Here’s what you won’t get:

[X]  Excitement
[X]  TITTIES!!!!
[X]  Necrophilia
[X]  Gratuitous Violence
[X]  Incest
[X]  Death by Hot Poker
[X]  Topless Kung Fu
[X]  Robots
[X]  Ninjas
[X]  Well Endowed Demonic Aliens

Here’s what you will get:

[X]  Some Dark and Grainy Cinematography
[X]  Chicks Who Wear Fishnets on their Heads
[X]  The Shittiest Video Game Ever
[X]  Some Moderate Intensity Bordering on Excitement
[X]  Killings That Fail to be Thrilling
[X]  The Intense and Thrilling Consumption of a Hot Dog
[X]  The Largest Conspiracy Ever Assembled
[X]  Lots of Stupid Bitches



Thrillkill (1984)