Chopping Mall movie

Year: 1986

Duration: 01:16:55

Directed by: Jim Wynorski

Actors: Kelli Maroney, Barbara Crampton, Suzee Slater, Paul Bartel, Mary Woronov

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Killbots, Kuoleman kauppa, R.O.B.O.T., Robots asesinos, Shopping, Supermarket horror

Description: In the mall new security technologies. Now the usual guards will replace three robots, one on the floor. The responsibility of the robots is only catching thieves to distinguish thieves from staff they can specially the card ID of the employee store.

In the first day of the month, robots, Teens who worked in a Department store, decided to stay after work and have fun. But electronic filling robot malfunctions and they begin their bloody hunt. Teens against robots-killers – who will win?

Review: The film “Chopping Mall” I would not say that is a masterpiece in the genre of horror. One movie filmed qualitatively and of itself will not be able to leave without experience.

The plot

In one Department store, introduced new security technologies. Now, instead of the guards will be three of the robot, respectively, one on each floor. The duty of these robots is very simple to patrol all corners of the Department store and catch the thieves, if they will get. To distinguish criminals from staff, they will special card is the identity of the staff member.

On the first day of duty robots, a group of teenagers who worked at the store, decided to stay after work and have fun. But the robots with electronics has crashed, and as a result, they start hunting for all living things. Fun Teens turns into salvation and the battle with the robots.


The characters are three robot: the Protector 1 Protector 2 Protector 3. Accordingly, each robot patrols his floor. The design of the robots at first glance it looks nice, but actually, they are not so tender and gentle. These robots fighting. And they have very good weapons, and to deal with the robot when it preys on all living things – it’s like signing his own death warrant. How well armed robots and how they kill, all you will see as you view the film.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere in the film is tense from beginning to end. The audience all the time waiting for something terrible and unexpected. The presence of more robots and less regular. The blood, murder and cruelty here you are. The film Shaitan and develops interesting. As the film further you look – it’s way more interesting it becomes.

Game actors

Among the actors is not to say that they are all on high, but I will not say that showed itself is bad. They had to play the role of surviving and fight to the death end of combat robots. From my point of view, all the actors showed itself more and less good.

Directorial work

By directing the work of too many advantages. First of all robots. Impressive design, which on the one hand it seems nice, but all is not as it seems. The atmosphere and the film, too, which can not but rejoice. The effects of the bombings, killings, shooting, too, will not leave the viewer indifferent. This film is very good because it combines several genres: horror, action, Thriller and sci-Fi.


The drawback of the film is from my point of view that none of the robots has not survived. I really would like to see at least one of the robots has the last word. Since the robots, I am most impressed with the film.

The movie itself is very good. And show it’s definitely worth it.



Chopping Mall 1986