Blood and Black Lace movie

Year: 1964

Duration: 01:24:53

Directed by: Mario Bava

Actors: Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok, Thomas Reiner

Language: Italian (English sub)

Country: Italy | France | Monaco

Also known as: Sei donne per l’assassino, 6 Femmes pour l’assassin, 6 mujeres para el asesino,  Blutige Seide, Fashion House of Death, Six Women for the Murderer

Description: The dead body of the murdered model Isabella was throw up inside the building. Police began an investigation, but initial investigations fails. But soon a fashion model Nicole finds the diary of the killed girl. Killer learns about finding the diary, trying to get it, killing those who interfere with him.

Review: This film is a cohort of my favorite horror films – and not in vain. The picture has long been firmly established in the pantheon of the genre gold as its creator – a man, through which came to light not only the “Jalla” – kind of a typical Italian horror in half with the detective, but more development poluchl Sc. “Gothic” horror. No wonder the review followed after “Suspiriey” – if you look and compare the two purely veneer tape, easily notice a lot of matches in the visual range, the style of the two directors. This is not surprising – the last work was the work of Bava “Underworld” – the second tape Argento from the “Three Mothers”.

Surveying the tape has produced a movie at that time fresh finds in the various depictions of madmen – black clothes killer, necessarily – leather gloves and a mask, constantly appearing in the frame black gloves, eye shadow, dark, but at the same time, sophisticated visuals, and detailed description of the deaths. Prior to that, four years ago, marked the first time Hitchcock really showed murder scene with blood – textbook shower scene, well, Baba went on, and the baton from him and took over many other directors.

The plot of Blood and Black Lace is simple and nezateyliv by the standards of modern thrillers – some brutally cracked down on models working in a boarding school, and conducted a service for a price. Of course, in the end a monster in human form will be the one on whom the least you would think – also typical course of modern thrillers.

In the work of Bava can meet many other dearly loved by me, bands, a rich dark atmosphere, as well as “gotishnym” visuals. the effect of which can be easily traced in modern paintings – “The Mask of Satan”, “Three Faces of Fear”, “Operation” Fear “- all these worthy paintings rightly take pride of place ribbons landmark that gave the development of many other branches of horror. And … well, as you know, yawn while watching is not necessary.

Total reference thriller-horror, who presented at the time a lot of fresh discoveries that have exploitation and down. However, this did not spoil the impression of the film – a refined, beautifully shot and terrible “Jalla.”

Review #2: “Sei donne per l’assassino” – my second movie Bava. This is probably the closest to the Jalla (Italian horror), the picture of the great Italian. Creativity Bava like – so no objectivity. Begin to praise:

“Blood and Black Lace” – picture special. From it rose by almost all thrillers of the time, of which, in turn, increased the fact that we have now. The film’s protagonist – a killer of young Italians. Along the way we have never seen him without a mask – it is unknown. It would seem a good detective! Most importantly, it met the two most important rules of classical Jalla: murders occur with cold weapons, ridiculous movie title – the U.S. box office picture has earned the nickname “Blood and Black Lace”, which is with dignity and to this day.

Synopsis: A young fashion model and a prostitute is found murdered Isabella. Hostess fashion diary reveals Isabella, which contains dirt on “every prostitute and maid” fashion house. Diary decide to destroy. The murderer, who had hoped to get the diary itself, starts killing models. As the saying goes: “I mstyu and revenge my wrong.” In one scene, a girl murdered “iron claw”, studded with nails. Are you impressed?

About the film I can not say anything bad. By the end of the film the story begins to take, but the interest is, oddly enough not diminished even when everything becomes clear. Camera work is almost like a “Juliet and spirits”, I mean, on top. The music is also really cool, especially in the opening credits. Director of Respect and hard deserved Top 10. I want to find some sort of negative, but, alas, I find not.

10 of 10

P.S. I read somewhere that there are no bad films and good films. There are interesting and uninteresting. Completely agree with this. Give – an interesting movie!



Blood and Black Lace (1964)

Blood and Black Lace (English sub)