Westworld movie

Year: 1973

Duration: 01:29:00

Directed by: Michael Crichton

Actors: Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin, James Brolin

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Dödsmaskinen, Feltámad a vadnyugat, Il mondo dei robot, Mondwest, O Mundo do Oeste, O epanastatis tis nyhtas, Oestelandia, Olum Ha-Ma’arav, Tappokone, Vestens vilde robotter, Westworld – Onde Ninguém Tem Alma, Westworld, almas de metal, Zapadni svet

Description: The Westworld – is one of three giant theme parks built the remains of American nature. There are Roman world and the world of the Middle Ages. For $ 1,000 a day tourists can enjoy themselves to the best of their needs and appetites.

Robots living in these parks rape, kill, love, shot, cut with a sword. They can even make friends. They never give change and feel no emotion.

But suddenly the streamlined mechanism smoothes ride something. Computer problem spreads like a plague. Robots begin their revolt …

Review: Judging by the announcements, the 2012 remake of the film is scheduled Western world. Sobsno, we know how these remakes are molded and how * often it represents, but because they had something to spit if the experiment does not work, all fiction lovers check out this original 1973 with Yul Brynner.

So, the park, populated by robots, which can do whatever your heart desires – even kill and fuck (well, really, does not the Bible as they read). But there is some kind of infection, and slowly begins to spread through the park, making mistakes in the actions of biological machines (did not know then what a computer virus – did not have them, as well as desktops in general.) In the end, the story is a classic case, “bad” robot against a “good” guy. In quotes – because when you view there is an urgent desire to read between the lines and see between frames. To robots rebelled once unprincipled something. I wanted to explain this if they wish to deal with people, and I think through it myself. For example, the desire for revenge. Show these little people that we can not kill with impunity and mock as you want! .. Or acute thirst for justice. Today, you have – and tomorrow we will! Iron logic.

I would hope that the creators do not just remake the blockbuster special effects, and breathe in the fresh stream movie drama. And it will not save and Russell Crowe in the title role. By the way, Crichton madly wanted to reshoot the “Western World” on new technologies and were talking about it in the late 90’s, but apparently even then he was seriously ill and did not work.

Review #2: Westworld not only box office hit of the past, we can say classic – it’s still a great movie.

Theme chosen Crichton relevant in our time, despite its zataskannost (opposition reasonable person car), when the shooting of the 4th Terminator, so the creators are still subject concerned. Westworld so no date, in fact – is a variant of the Terminator, only adjusted for the 70’s and the style of the Wild West.

Interestingly, the film begins with the advertisement of a new attraction, where there is entertainment of your choice and promiscuity, and the decline of Rome, and the freedom of the Wild West, the Middle Ages. Rich tourists choose the right and enter the world, carefully recreated for their entertainment, the service robot with artificial intelligence.

However, as it should intrigue, something goes wrong. Errors in the device robots accumulate, the system fails. The price for this will be the victim is living.

The main emphasis in the film is on the style of classic American Westerns. A mixture of high technology and the Wild West makes a movie timeless.

Yul Brynner recreated his performance in the film of “The Magnificent Seven”, but his robot shooter still gorgeous. Confrontation machine and man here takes the form of unequal duel by cowboys.

In the end, a classic, a landmark film in something certainly worthy Fiction.



Westworld 1973