Warlords of the 21st Century movie

Year: 1982

Duration: 01:32:11

Directed by: Harley Cokeliss

Actors: Michael Beck, Annie McEnroe, James Wainwright

Language: English

Country: New Zealand

Also known as: Battle Truck, Destructor, Taistelurekka, Le camion de la mort, Carro armato, O Carro de Combate, Der Kampfkoloß, I mihani pou skotonei

Description: While a bit slow and lacking in ultraviolence and nudity, Battletruck is a solid flick with a good story and characters.  It’s not entirely clear why “after the oilwars” when gas is at a premium Col. Straker (Wainwright) is driving around New Zealand in a Canadian logging truck covered in armor.  It’s also not entirely clear why he’s a sadistic nutjob.  It’s sufficient for purposes of the story that the Col. is a sadistic bastard and he really likes his truck.  Given the scarcity of diesel, he’s going to need to stomp a lot of dicks to keep his truck running.  That’s just life post-alpacaclypse, folks.

But not for everyone.  Straker’s daughter (McEnroe) finds his evil soldierishness a bit over the top so she runs away.  She meets Hunter (Beck) driving around on his motorcycle.  Hunter is some sort of chicken raising, back to the earth, hippy warrior on a motorcycle.  Because evidently motorcycles don’t run on gas.  Hunter takes her to a little idyllic distributivist village where everyone (including Cliff) gets a vote and no one kills anyone for diesel.  But, unfortunately for our little Hobbitish friends, McEnroe doesn’t tell anyone her daddy’s a pyscho who is likely going to bring his Battletruck to find her.

Terror, sadness, and an imprudent waste of diesel follow as the timeless story of hippy versus Military-Industrial Complex unfolds. Will the  totalitarian gas fiends defeat the democratically elected people’s republic of shitty tin shacks?  Will McEnroe deliver her erotic treasure to Beck? Will Cliff bring homebrew to his agrarian friends?  These questions and more can only be answered if you download Battletruck today.

Here’s what you get:

  • A Warlord (notwithstanding the misleading title)
  • Explosions!!!!
  • A Mutherfuckin’ Battletruck
  • Agrarians
  • Fascistic and Militaristic Gas Fiends
  • Horses
  • Betrayal!!!!
  • Explosive VW versus Battletruck Finale

Review: In the 21st century the status of oil as the Absolute more and more falling over other types of materials. The film is clearly indicated, demonstrated. Biofuels. The reason that war breaks out with the participation of all nuclear weapons is becoming less and less weighty . Now , namely already in the coming 13 years and going on the 21st century becomes a problem increasingly gaining momentum is the production of biofuels .

The main ” good character ” on his motorcycle clearly demonstrates how the fuel from farm waste is not inferior , and even better than the familiar and unfortunate black gold . Avtozlodeev overtaking the old generation .

This is the future , the future of the alternative raw materials, the appearance of the hero himself and his “horse” talking about it – that’s what the authors wanted to convey .

Oil path to a standstill because of her people die and kill other people , destroy the work and culture of thousands of generations . For fleeting and imaginary power, insignificant material gain.

Traitors are always heroes , the oppressed , capable to rise , opportunists , villains . All they want to survive in the new world of anarchy , decadence. Not for all reference are humanism, spiritual values ​​and especially religious values ​​- they have simply no. Religion ceased to exist. There is another – a stronger power and weapons. But any evil , always able to overcome the present fair and good. Welcome fighting for the good old values ​​sunk into oblivion times: the value of human life, freedom, democracy . Values, as many now think , the only true and eternal .



Warlords of the 21st Century 1982