Neon Maniacs movie

Year: 1986

Duration: 01:33:20

Directed by: Joseph Mangine

Actors: Clyde Hayes, Leilani Sarelle, Donna Locke

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Dødens armé, Kuoleman armeija,Maniakoi tou diastimatos, Evil Dead Warriors, Gladiadores da Noite,Maniacs – Die Horrorbande

Description of Neon Maniacs movie: A group of teenagers trying to convince the police of San Francisco that has erupted in the town wave of murders are the work of a company’s monster, living under one of the city’s bridges, but of course no one believes.

Review of Neon Maniacs: A very good movie of its genre . Having a rather frightening and hideous monsters and spectacular murder.


Small group of teenagers faced with terrifying monsters . Someone was the victim , and someone managed to survive. Survivors told police that the murders are committed by some hideous maniacs mutants , but they are of course no one believes .


The characters are some ugly monstrous mutants. They may resemble the appearance of mutants from the movie ” The Hills Have Eyes .” One of them is armed with a samurai sword , the other – with a spear , the third – the chain and so on. However, they all have one thing in common vulnerability , they are afraid of the water . As the water is simply dissolves .


Held a tense atmosphere . Without the killing and violence in the film has not done. And murder is entertainment in itself , and not for the faint of heart. Characters are present not say that often, but not enough . With respect to the atmosphere of the viewer is unlikely there will be any complaints from my point of view.

The acting

Of the actors I most liked by those who played a role in the mutants – maniacs. Of these, I want to say good about MakKerli Doyle , who played the role of a mutant like the samurai warrior.

director’s work

Director’s work , too, turned out pretty good . The film is shown with a dynamic storyline , tense atmosphere, nice costumes mutants , special effects are also quite good .


In conclusion, I will say only one drawback about the film – it’s a little number of spectacular violence and killings. However , fans of horror , this one is definitely worth watching. This is especially true for those who liked movies like ” Wrong Turn ” and ” The Hills Have Eyes.”



Neon Maniacs