Whispers movie

Year: 1990

Duration: 01:33:36

Directed by: Douglas Jackson

Actors: Victoria Tennant, Jean LeClerc, Chris Sarandon

Language: English

Country: Canada | USA | UK

Also known as: Dean R. Koontz’s Whispers, Kauhun kuiskaus, Suttogások, Katherine, o Último Suspiro, Viskningar, Whisper to Kill


I’ve never read the book so I had no expectations going in. But I thought it was a pretty decent thriller with supernatural overtones and Victoria Tennant (Flowers in the Attic) side boob.  Without giving too much away, Chris Sarandon is a cop who gets called to Victoria Tennant’s condo with claims that some rich orchard owner broker into her house to try to kill her. He calls her by some other chick’s name and wants to stab her with some sort of Satanic ritual looking dagger. Noting that she’s upset, Sarandon does the natural thing and offers his penis for emotional support.

Local law enforcement attests that the rich dude can’t be the break-in artist and would be murderer because he was at home hundreds of miles away at the time of the assault. Since the cops aren’t being helpful Tennant resorts to self-help and kills the intruder the next time he shows up.  Problem solved. UNTIL HE SHOWS UP AGAIN!!!1!11 OMG!11!1!! IT’S GETTING MUTHERFUKIN’ (and I do mean mutherfuckin’) CRAZY UP IN THIS BITCH.

So now we’ve got ourselves a mystery about how come this seemingly normal rich bastard 1%er is also a crazy psychotic dagger stabbing zombie. It’s an enjoyable enough flick.

Here’s what you get:

  • Death by Paring Knife
  • Mommy Issues
  • Necrophilia
  • TITTIES!!!!
  • Incest
  • Victoria Tennant as Slutty Writer
  • Evil and Psychologically Fucked Up 1%ers
  • Incompetent Law Enforcement
  • Resurrection
  • Irresponsible Parenting

Review: One evening, a young and attractive novelist Hilary entered her apartment and saw that she was not alone. The unknown man with a feverish shining eyes pulled out the knife with the clear intention to kill her.

Not lost self-control Hilary managed to get to the pistol lying in the nightstand beside the bed. Shot – maniac and depart from the apartment, threatening to return. And he has come back.



Whispers 1990