Behind the Green Door movie

Year: 1972

Duration: 01:11:20

Directed by:  Artie Mitchell, Jim Mitchell

Actors: Marilyn Chambers, George S. McDonald, Johnnie Keyes

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: A zöld ajtó mögött, Atrás da Porta Verde, Bakom lustans gröna dörr, Derrière la porte verte, Por Detrás da Porta Verde – O Filme, Tras la puerta verde

Description: Abductied young woman was forced to participate in an orgy unfolding on stage specifically for the distinguished audience.

Review: “Behind the Green Door” – a film quite unusual, and despite a decent presence of genital organs, he did not appear in porn most vulgar sense of the word.

The plot of this picture looks like this. A young and attractive girl Gloria travels currently in North America, what and happy. But suddenly, there’s some bad people in a brazen kidnapping young beauty. She gets into a room, where it is prepared for a theatrical performance, which concludes with mass orgy.

Sure, what about mass orgies you guessed earlier than have read the previous paragraph. Scenic delights of the film is clearly not shine, but one advantage (figuratively) in the script: this is a smooth and harmonious growth seksaulnogo suspense, resulting in a total orgy, which fades somewhat ragged pace.

Artists involved in the film is not so hot, except for the main character. Marilyn Chambers – pretty cute girl and the actress is interesting. We see that it is in the film is more or less represents the acting, the others just fuck in best of their capabilities.

Very interesting episode is a psychedelic trip, which takes place in the middle of the movie. Playing with different colors, play speed and most importantly, what is shown on the screen, creating a rather unusual experience.

On the downside, the film is that the actors for the most part chosen poorly. I’m not complaining about the increased hairiness representatives seventies – it was in the nature of things. But why tell me to take in a movie balding, bearded not least, bespectacled tolstyachka that looks stupid? By the creators decided to add and quite impressive size girl. Perhaps they wanted to cater to the tastes of the audience, because we know that everyone likes her.

But the only thing in this movie brilliantly – music. The soundtrack is not so big, in terms of the number of tracks, but they are all very beautiful and memorable.

Review #2: On the wave of success of “Deep Throat” in the U.S. was made another film, which became quite notorious. The plot of the film “Behind the Green Door” could well be pulling on a thriller, thriller and existential.

Picture begins with the fact that some men agree on one matter. Then, young men kidnap a girl and carry her in a very strange place.

This underground theater in which there are live shows. Well, then it is clear that the random character of the movie will play the lead in this show.

In contrast to the “Deep Throat”, direction which seems to me a primitive, here are several interesting moves. First of all, stands the Red Room, which is quite a few neutral scenes. Really do not rule out that David Lynch, the development of “Twin Peaks”, and was inspired by the film.

And meaningful conversations between the first film by unknown men might well be part of any of the works of Lynch.

Interestingly, the creators of “Behind the Green Door” did not pay too much attention to the erotic. All the sex scenes are on the scene and the camera takes the position “from the audience,” thus placing the audience a film on a par with the audience show.

Also, I would like to highlight play the lead in this film – Marilyn Chambers. She started out in advertising Procter & Gamble, and then was “Behind the Green Door.” In a few years she will play with David Cronenberg in “Mad” (before that, she had a role in the “Owl and the Pussycat” with Streisand), and then continue his conquest of the world porn business.

As in the case of “sips” the picture may be of interest only lovers of cinema history. This picture in ’72 won 50 million dollars in profit, beating “Freedom”, “Escape” Peckinpah, “Jeremiah Johnson” and conceded only three films.

Taking this into account, as well as the difficult role of Chambers, she was able to get a nomination for the best work of the year. Picture came out too ambiguous and author – it’s sex explotation.

The result: on a par with the “Deep Throat” and “Devil in Miss Jones” is one of the most famous and commercially successful porn film 70, which is even shown at the Cannes Film Festival.



Behind the Green Door 1972