Vücut movie

Year: 2011

Duration: 01:41:13

Directed by: Mustafa Nuri

Actors: Hatice Aslan, Cengiz Bozkurt, Sebnem Dilligil

Language: Turkish | English subtitles

Country: Turkey

Also known as: Vücut (original title)

Description:In this Turkish movie, Leyla and Yilmaz are a couple who have been making pornographic movies together for 25 years.  When they move to Istanbul, Yilmaz leaves Leyla, who is now well past her prime, for a younger, better-looking woman who is repelled by his passion for making porn.  Leyla, feeling lost and depressed, agrees to act in one last film which Yilmaz is to direct – a film about an older woman who teaches a handsome 20-year-old young man about sex. Unfortunately, the actor, Izzet, who plays the young man, also feels lost.  As a result, despite their age difference and Leyla’s realization that she looks old, they become lovers both on screen and off.  At the same time,  Izzet’s mother and sister, both fat, must confront the difficulties presented by being an unattractive woman. Together, this is a recipe which can lead to disaster.