Playboy: Bedtime Stories movie

Year: 1987

Duration: 01:04:41

Directed by:  Robert C. Hughes, Anthony Spinelli


Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: 


Something old (released in ’87, but made up of segments that go back to ’82 or ’83),

something rare, (try to find this title in full online…I dare ya!) coming from a no longer created

form of media, that in it’s time, was the best that was available. (Laserdisc) Now all of that and

a pot of coffee, wouldn’t make for much of a breakfast on it’s own, but this video itself is what’s

truly the gem. Made up of 5 individual stories, some from as far back as the 16th & 17th centuries,

each  will leave you with a smile from the humor each has, the trickery involved in each, and the

type of smile you get when you see incredibly beautiful woman……naked as a mofo! lol The stories

that make up this LD, were actually some of the first viewing you’d watch when the Playboy Channel

first came on air in the very early 80’s. I’ve also got a feeling that there might just be a girl or two that’s

recognized, with none other than Crystal Breeze of both soft and hard core fame, as well as an ultra rare

appearance by the oh so gorgeous Gina Calabrese, from about the time she appeared in 1982’s “The Vals”.

With much thanks to the fellas over in C&E… transferred from  Laserdisc, the 1987 Playboy release of……

Playboy’s Bedtime Stories




Playboy: Bedtime Stories (1987)