Estou Com AIDS movieEstou Com AIDS movie

Year:  1986

Duration: 1:11:48

Directed by: David Cardoso

Actors: Sandra Alegre, Aldo Angelica, Ricardo Campos

Language: Portuguese

Country: Brazil

Also known as: Tengo SIDA, I Have AIDS

Description: What we have here is an awesome AIDSploitation (that’s right,
AIDSploitation) shockumentary that’s a cult hit in the Brazilian
underground. There are all sorts of hanky-panky vignettes
about promiscuous sexy time and the like, coupled with (allegedly)
AIDS-infested interviewees. The awesome part kicks in during the
last ten minutes when (lol, spoiler alert) most of our earlier
interviewees, apparently unable to cope with their viral
augmentation, suddenly start offing themselves one by one–one
dude slits his wrist, another blows his brains out, a chick jumps
off a building, and I think one motherfucker actually does die
from the ol’ AIDS (don’t cry, I’m, uh, relatively sure it’s all
staged ). Oh and there’re a few diseased kiddies thrown in for
bonus comedic value, enjoy!



Estou Com AIDS 1986