Superstition 1982

Year: 1982

Duration: 01:21:52

Directed by: James W. Roberson

Actors: James Houghton, Albert Salmi and Lynn Carlin

Language: English

Country: Canada

Also known as: Superstition, Superstición, La malédiction de la sorcière, The Witch

Description: With the arrival of a priest in a new dark, the infamous mansion, standing on the shore of the lake, begins a series of horrific killings commited by the witch sunk four hundred years ago. Year by year, an ominous force of witch, vowing revenge against her executioners grows stronger. And at its peak. Inspector General of Police and the young priest begin to investigate the case and the struggle against the forces of evil ...

Review: Witch will kill many different ways, but rely mostly on mystical telekinesis, which generates a series of quite interesting deaths (see time with the priest, and a circular saw). One teenager's head explode in the microwave, another raspolovinit - beauty. The truth is closer to the final, there will be more deaths in the frame, followed by Tipping glavgeroem smeared with the blood of bodies, but for the fact that there is a thank you.

Thanks should be said for the music. But sim tunes would be much more convenient in some kind of adventure films, not horror. But occasionally good to hear, I must say. And that's what I did not thank - so it is for actors. They are not terrible, not helpless - just no. Characters are not stored in any way, only the girls can enjoy, the benefit from this procedure here.

Chide stands behind the witch. Her ugly face will not be shown, largely clawed hands. Other times this unpleasant lady will be carried out either by frame or in the shade. The local excursion into history, presented flashbacks from the point where the witch was drowned in a fairly bland. And everything else - a pattern. Neurotic and calling of God priest rolling in Witch's Curse, huddled together in a herd superstitious townspeople ... All that we have seen for a long time.

I did not understand with the finale. But I know for sure - it is worthy of indulgence or attempt to depart from the usual canons, or labored idiocy. Just at the time these "chips" horrormeykery began to take on a note, to move away from the stereotypes and eventually safely lowered to the level of a cliche, but "Superstition" left many early, so you can make a discount.

Superstition - quite decent movie, lost in his time in the archives of history, and there does not make it. But try to give him a chance, if you get on eyes - maybe like it.



Superstition 1982