Shocker 1989

Year: 1989

Duration: 01:49:31

Directed by: Wes Craven

Actors: Michael Murphy, Mitch Pileggi, Peter Berg

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Shocker, 100.000 voltios de terror, 100.000 Volts de Terror, Napadac, Shocker: No More Mr. Nice Guy, Sok, Soker, Sokkoló, Sotto shock

Description: Horace Pinker, a murderous TV repairman, is finally caught and executed via the electric chair. The teenager who helped capture him thinks that its all over. But it's not and Pinker returns from the grave as pure electricity thanks to a pact with the Devil. This means that he can travel through TV and the human body and he's only got one thing on his mind - revenge.

Serial killer sentenced to death in the electric chair. However, he manages to use electric Shocker to "rise" from the dead. And he can act as his disguise, and in the image of his victims. And now he wants revenge of one footballer who issued maniac to police.

Review: Ninth Craven film, not counting those that he shot the TV. In "electroshock" director again exploits chip with dreams, which follows from the distant 1984, with the creation of "Nightmare on Elm Street." The film about a serial killer Pinker and his opponent Jonathan. Movie very heaped - as basis the ability of the hero to enter the crime scene in a dream, and often there is a ghost girl, who helps him win Pinker, Pinker himself has the ability to move from body to body, to reach the final of the heroes get into TV Tipo as in "Amazons on the Moon" ... In general, the latest movie from Wes from the 80s turned Pts. heavy and bulky, as for me. However, as I said - Wes can take such plots, so - "Shocker" - smotribelen. The severity is only that on viewing it is not clear whether this is good or bad film: Should there to think or is it as simple trash? ..

"Shocker" - a film about the dangers of television. Maybe this is not so, but the first (and only) thought after watching was the harm. Craven still the moralist - he is in every movie shoves an idea that often turns out like the one in the "shocker." He has already filmed about violence, about religion, about the nature ... when ideas run out, began to take off about TV and horror movies ("Scream"). Wes himself, in the transfer of slashers, saying that he does not like modern dumb horror that nothing in itself do not carry. This I agree - compared to the new horrors, "Shocker" - a very sensible and meaningful film. Finals, when the hero looks at the sky, I recalled the end of "endangered person." ruined everything stupid poppin heart, which has developed several stars. This director would probably want to say - do not worry about it, take it in your mouth - it is easier to spit out, that is less straining - more effect. Yeah, "Shocker" - a commercial film.

Still, the movie deserves a watch. Fans should not miss Wes, horror fans - too.

Review #2: Really in front of us just crazy movie from the master of horror Wes Craven. He shot the film after another madness - "Serpent and the Rainbow." And the whole thing took place in the late eighties. I must say that it was in the eighties Craven shot his best films (not counting the movie "Scream"). In the nineties he was a little reduced turnover, and in the year it all began to take pictures of a very feeble. And now - "Shocker" ...

"Shocker" - not like today's youth, which is growing in computer graphics. But the people who grew up on video, loved this movie at first sight. When the movie came out, he scared all the spectators, because such a terrible picture was taken very little. Craven from the very beginning of the movie so much shred of corpses that you even stray from their accounts. Well, there will be plenty krovischi. Remember the scene in the bathroom. Even Freddy Krueger himself would envy such a bloodbath.

You might think that the story in this film is very simple - the maniac killed, and he later returned. But take my word for it that everything is much more interesting. Craven has implemented a simple plot in a very unusual film. Second such film is not, and never will be. The film became a cult hit, and he amassed a good cashier in theaters. Well, director Wes Craven has once again demonstrated his extraordinary talent of the director, who may be very scare their viewers.

As a result, we have a very violent and very bloody film that better not to show the young people. It is a pity that now Craven makes films that play to his works from the eighties. "Shocker" - this is not the best film Craven, but not the worst. He is a solid middle of his work and is easy to jump many modern horror films. Recommend.



Shocker 1989