Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case

Year: 1995

Duration: 01:17:00

Directed by: Katsuya Matsumura

Actors: Yuujin Kitagawa, Satoru Saitô, Eisuke Sasai

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Also known as: Joshikôsei konkuriito-dume satsujin-jiken, Concrete Schoolgirls in Cement

Description: There's also a good remake from the same director - Concrete

In late 1988, the property of the Japanese public was a tragic and shocking incident, which occurred with a schoolgirl Junko Furuta. She was captured by four peers 17 years old, who for 44 days kept her in the family home of one of the kidnappers, exposing all imaginable and unimaginable humiliation and sadistic torture.
">Enough to satisfy their insatiable bloodthirsty desire bastards killed his victim, pre poizmyvavshis over the corpse, and a dead body rolled up in a barrel of concrete.

Japanese film director and screenwriter Katsuya Matsumura became widely known in narrow circles of fans sverhzhestokih Japanese horror films and auteur cinema thanks to the franchise, "All Night Long", dedicated to various manifestations of cruelty among minors young people. This franchise has become essentially a matter of life Honourable Matsumura-san has grown to six paintings and each new part of moving further away from the dramatic to the saturation coverage of conflicts and internal experiences with devastating consequences, turning into a naturalistic tortures BDSM porn. Simultaneously with the second part of the "all night long" Katsuya Matsumura in 1995, produces the film "Tangled schoolgirl murder case," the plot of which is based on the shocking crime in 1988 and this film to release is even greater resonance than "All Night Long"
">and because hitherto indulge in sublimate all hidden perverse passion to film director in "Entangled schoolgirl murder case" broke out in earnest, taking off a shocker in its true sense.

The film exposes not and does not make a specific sentence to society and young heroes, they generated for which no borders or frames; film only dryly states the facts and exploits them, showing the audience for more than an hour naturalistic disgusting mess in the best traditions eroguro and notorious " guinea pigs. " The film indulges baser instincts cruel spectator indulges eternal thirst for blood and senseless violence, indulge thirst circuses and bread.
">The film does not hide behind a mask of deliberate intellectualizing does not surprise formalist visual aesthetics, it's just a shocker that will appeal to lovers of vigorous or tin, or crazy sadists.

You want to see the monstrous mockery defenseless minor victim? Get. Want to see unbearably cruel and long gang rape scene, coupled with the psychological terror scene, from which the "irreversibility" Gaspar Noé nervously smokes on the sidelines? Get again. Want even for a moment to feel the power and total impunity? Get three times. Katsuya Matsumura film successfully, these will give you an unforgettable experience, that's just sooner or later uncensored tin fans want something harder.
">Fine line between film and reality in this case can finally wear out and just porn languid sighs and deep penetration turn into a torture porn with loud cries and long dissected and psevdosnaff, refluent shameless brown-bloody turn into a pseudo real snuff.

In the heart of each of us, in the darkness hidden from the majority of his consciousness sits Alex De Lardzh and is uncontrolled, naturalistic and deliberately tough, fierce in his schizofrenicheskom madness and gore rampant, aggressive in its transgressive movie like "Tangled schoolgirl murder case" allows at least at the time of his release to freedom and salvation experience catharsis.
">The main thing, however, in time to hone Alex back to the Bastille mind, otherwise frantic monster finally break free.

Remaining virtually unknown to the general spectator circles remaining dusty cinematic bins and even the modern availability of almost anything, especially movies, the remaining film "for its" film so spectacularly fitting into contradictory existence of the Rising Sun, "Tangled murder case schoolgirl "appalling, shocking and alienates and draws vicious as all that is labeled" forbidden to display. " Somewhere far away from this film and is "Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom" Pasolini, immoral content covers a mild form of allegory and symbolism. Katsuya Matsumura film is not such, it is not progress but regress and only the viewer to decide whether this film attention and evaluation, primarily moral and ethical.



Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case