Coffy movie

Year: 1973

Duration: 01:30:09

Directed by: Jack Hill

Actors: Pam Grier, Booker Bradshaw, Robert DoQui, William Elliott and Sid Haig

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Coffy - den nådeløse hævner, Coffy - armoton kostaja, Coffy, la panthère noire de Harlem, Belali dilber

Description: A woman, living a normal life and no discernible from the crowd, was obsessed with revenge. She is going to kill everyone who is guilty that her 11-year-old sister lost her mind because of drug use.

Often it's tempting lure their victims, and then carry them to hell with the shotgun who just can't give blunders.

Review: "Strong Coffy" - a 100% interest-bearing blaxploitation film and one of the first roles of Pam Grier (Foxy Brown and Girls in Chains). The plot of this film is as follows: nurse Coffey revenge scum and drug addicts, hoisted her little sister for drugs. Because of the "battered time" prostitute - she goes on the trail of a pimp and dope dealer, and hired him to work. Here then the real fun begins ...

The style of the film resembles "Jackie Brown." It becomes immediately clear where draws its "inspiration" comrade QT And he draws it out of just such fun B-movies 70s. Here, for example, the last scene in "Kill Bill" (dialogue Thurman and Carradine) is very similar to a similar scene in "Lusty some coffee."

I can not name «Coffy» trash-film (although I love the trash). It's just a cult thing, you want to know everyone. The film is bright, dynamic and interesting. Pam's character is fully revealed. She is very resourceful and it's just nice to see - a smart woman.



Coffy 1973