Last Tango in Paris | Ultimo tango a Parig

Year: 1972

Duration: 02:09:27

Directed by: Bernardo Bertolucci

Actors:  Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider, Maria Michi 

Language: English / French (English subs)

Country: France / Italy

Also known as: Ultimo tango a Parigi, El último tango en París, Последнее танго в Париже, Último Tango em Paris, Último tango en París, Az utolsó tangó Párizsban

Description: The action takes place in Paris in late sixties. Forty-five years old American shocked by the recent death of his wife, he felt guilty and  gets in a state of deep depression.

Desperately clinging to life, he meets a young Parisian, strange and eccentric girl, much younger than him. Their relationship turns into a passion that extends almost to frenzy, the passion, the limits of which is hard to imagine ...

Filmed by director of La luna and Spider’s Strategem films

Review: "Last Tango in Paris", as one's attitude to it, - the sensational picture. Classic. And no matter the artistic merits of "Tango" elevated him to the rank or scandal, the resonance in the society and the media - is not important. Everyone who looks at it, to decide, she deserves laurels masterpiece or not, but we see it undertake because of its popularity. We are driven by curiosity - this time, the desire to take part in the debate on the subject of its quality - two. And when you're dealing with such a solid, controversial material, which many have argued and said no one ten years, necessarily studying tape gently and carefully - at least for as long as the proper, reasoned opinion has not developed completely. When you're on all sides shouting that Bertaluchchi - a genius, but you look at his first picture and do not understand the genius of this, somewhere on the edge of his mind flashed the thought of his own immaturity (count stupidity), but then when you see the second and third tape I start to understand the artist and his style and worldview, formed a personal relationship. In my case, it is not unique. I like the idea Bertaluchchi, but I did not like his manner of presentation, and so I was ready to cut "Tango" walnut, despite its iconic attributed to him and every variety.

What do I expect? Sluttish eroticism at the junction with pornography, correspondence simplicity and inanity that quite cleverly made-up pseudo-intellectual, operator, and other composers aestheticism. Static chamber, tighten and generally tasteless story about an elderly man and a young woman who, without any romance and poetry animal fuck in a dilapidated hotel up to a tragic finale. Someone said that the character Brando - heck, the consumer, an egoist and a pervert, seduce a little girl and has drawn her into his sick old man's sexual fantasies, some character called Schneider giddy fool, roll man on the fun self-esteem, which led to his disastrous outcome, but they both agreed on one thing - it's a dirty, vulgar, boring film about anything except love. Even without seeing the picture, I found it easy to Brando in the above image. Those who saw his Stanley Kowalski or read a biography of the actor, it is easy to believe that Brando with his correspondence viciousness, gnevnostyu and intemperance without difficulty in a similar role to portray themselves almost real, and as for Maria Schneider - without clothes she could be on the surprise as ugly as Eva Green in "Dreamers" - who knows?

In the end, looking today, "Last Tango in Paris," I can safely say this: first, it is not pornography, and generally not a dirty movie. In terms of the physiology of the two heroes tight and attractive (no matter how much Jeanne cried Paul, that he was old and fat, it does not), scenes of a sexual nature are not numerous and lifted delicately, no genitalia and savory obsasyvanie (literally and figuratively) anatomical details, no toilet, and even details of dirty talk (a couple of phrases flashed, but not slashed ear) - Maria Schneider three times in the whole picture was shown naked with a decent distance, and during sex, none of them are not totally laid bare. Brando so in general, it seemed to me, was draped to the chin - or a sweater or a coat and trousers, which never took off to no end. In terms of psychological abnormalities and specific tastes - too anything. It's very old-fashioned, no perversion.

Secondly, as regards sexual games that so often compared rolevuhi of "9.5 weeks," I would never compare them, and in the case of "Tango" games even though they had not called. Those who attribute the character Brando physical and psychological abuse of the heroine Schneider, wrong on both counts. He never hit her and showed aggression, and as for the "mental slavery", which allegedly led them dependent on vile manipulator scheme BDSM and hit home pride of many spectators, to see that abused himself to feel only girls who are used entirely to rule over their cavalry. Hero Brando was not romantic, but not rude, indifferent or glumliv. He was brusque and unmanageable for a girl than simultaneously attracted and very annoying, especially in contrast to the spineless fiance a romantic, but treated it mildly, tongue-in-indulgent and generally good-naturedly.



Last Tango in Paris 1972

Last Tango in Paris 1972 (English Subs)