La Coupure 2006

Year: 2006

Duration: 01:19:08

Directed by: Jean Châteauvert

Actors:  Manon Brunelle, Valérie Cantin and Michael Kelly

Language: French | English Subtitles

Country: Canada

Also known as: A Ruptura, Torn Apart

Description: Two individuals are captured  up in an all-consuming and prohibited love in this performance, the first feature from director Jean Chateuvert. Christine (Valerie Cantin) is wedded to Mario (Michael Kelly), a prosperous businessman, and is the mom of two kids. However, Christine has a lover, a man she's well-known before she was married -- her brother Christophe (Marc Marans). Both Christine and Christophe are conscious of the dangers of their incestuous connection, and have both tried to stop it -- Christophe even presented Mario to his sister in expectations that they would hit it off and their relationship would come to a end. But nor Christine nor Christophe have the power to put an end to their connection, and while Mario has newly earned a promotion at work that will warrant transferring to a new city (a job Christine urged him to get), she hasn't had the bravery to tell her brother the news.




La Coupure 2006