Black Emmanuelle 1975

Year: 1975

Duration: 01:33:54

Directed by: Bitto Albertini

Actors: Laura Gemser, Karin Schubert, Angelo Infanti, Isabelle Marchall

Language: English

Country: Spain | Italy

Also known as: Emanuelle nera, Emmanuelle in Africa, Emanuelle Negra, Emmanuelle's Holiday

Description: During her 1st journey a reporter Jordan May takes a trip to Africa on a special mission. Concerns regarding her very own national and intimate personality show up when she sees a difficult relationship of her house keepers, Anne and Gianni. Things are difficult additional while Emanuelle realizes herself in matters with each of spouses, and after that she flies away from Africa, in order to be followed by Gianni, who'd before denied her and mocked her improvements.

The "Black Emmanuelle" film is an ordinary European movie from the 70's. Anytime there had been a fresh & fashionable pattern in the cinema, if this was at terror, science fiction or perhaps drama, European cinema could instantly profit from it by simply quickly making their unique counterpart. The storyline concepts are going to be more or less exactly the same as the first one, and yet the french adaptation might differentiate itself using often extra blood, additional brutality or  a lot more sleaze. After their huge popularity of that French movie "Emmanuelle" featuring Sylvia Kristel



Black Emmanuelle 1975