Dawn of the Dead movie

Year: 1978

Duration: 01:59:07

Directed by: George A. Romero

Actors: David Emge, Ken Foree and Scott H. Reiniger

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Zombi, Dawn of the Living Dead, El amanecer de los muertos, El amanecer de los muertos vivientes, Holtak hajnala, In de greep van de zombies, L’alba dei morti viventi, L’aube des morts, Muertos vivos: La batalla final, Swit zywych trupów, The Zombies, Zombi, to xypnima ton nekron, Zombie, Zombie – Das Original, Zora živih mrtvaca, Zonbi

Description: Zombie nightmare that began in the film “Night of the Living Dead” continues. Have escaped the horror of the dead on the helicopter, the four travelers are forced to land on the roof of a supermarket. There they find food, shelter and trouble. Multi-storey shop from top to bottom was full of silly walking corpses.

Entertaining by shooting the undead, people are not aware that just a few hours one of them will become the one who is so easy to kill – carnivorous zombie, and later in the store was coming a gang of thugs that do not distinguish between living and dead, whose only desire is the greed and violence.

Review: “Dawn of the Dead” – one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Of course, there is no 3D flying axes, or strip off the skin with gusto, open fractures or suddenly jumping out of the dark water monsters. There are only zombies and humans. And that terrible?

Scares in the first place is the ease with which presented to the plot. As far as the situation is irreversible, how terrible situation in the world of this film! No supermen, nor miraculous vaccines. It’s simple – all dead.

But that’s not all. Against the backdrop of vicious zombies, which have become almost all people of the world stand out here and there a bunch of people trying to survive. They are willing to do anything to find a place in the world where no one will get scary creatures. And one of these little groups find temporary refuge in a giant supermarket, which has everything to human life. And then there is a very nice Romero shows all the parallels in the behavior of zombies and humans. One scene with zombies reel on a supermarket that has gone into their habit is worth something! And when the events begin to unfold very rapidly and do not plan on the main characters, I have ceased to understand who is terrible in this situation: the zombies or humans, greed and envy, which never disappears, even if it costs them their lives.

Final film completely knocked me off and caused the sea of ​​conflicting emotions, honestly, has not been able to sleep after watching. I advise you to watch this terrible movie to all fans of classic horror or drama. The film is very high quality, there is nothing superfluous or ill-conceived. Feeling close to the claustrophobic, do not leave for a minute.

Again, a special thank you for the great Romero movie about the behavior of people in an emergency.

Review #2: “Dawn of the Dead” in 1978 – it’s a great horror in the tradition of cinema.

In this masterpiece of the great director George A. Rommero (Survival of the Dead and Two Evil Eyes) thrillers, combines everything: exciting plot, great acting, enchanting scenery (by the standards of 70-ies happy with a good scope in the special effects).

In the previous film, “Night of the Living Dead” tells the story of how the world is gradually filled with bloodthirsty zombies who rise from their graves in search of human flesh. In this picture, we observe the continuation of the story. About how people are trying to survive where to survive it would seem quite possible. The four characters are hiding in an abandoned shopping center and gradually go shoot monsters.

In contrast to all the novelties of this genre, “Dawn of the Dead” 78-year bezpafosnym different spirit which prevails the idea of ​​fear. Just think – the planet earth devastated, and only a few people still believe in their salvation. Here you will find repulsive dismemberment, squeezing the eyes and rotting human flesh. In this film, a zombie – it’s ordinary people, well sprinkled with powder, which gives them a pale appearance. The picture is notable for its innovation on a framework that time. Large-scale scenes, explosions, more than 200 extras and unexpected ending.

Now I think these films will not do, they just can not do it. It is for this reason that films of past years look like something kinoshedevralnoe, with great atmosphere and a truly classic scenes, which became modern legend.

Nine years after the release of “Night of the Living Dead,” George Romero’s cult horror sequel releases. “Dawn of the Dead”, released in 1978, had a serious budget and more meaningful level of setting, making the picture could not be called an amateur trash.

The plot of “Dawn of the Dead” in some way repeats the events of the first film, but now the surviving heroes do not hide from time to time in the rickety shack, and in the supermarket. In fact, all of the events are based on tape shooting of the main characters zombies surrounding the supermarket.

“Dawn of the Dead” is based much more professional than the first film. Tape has a color, the camera work is impressive Michael Gornik and now its realistic manner, although a particularly bloody scenes in the film. The whole focus of the picture is on the injection voltage, because the final lasting impression, because it is really suddenly.



Dawn of the Dead 1978