Having a Drink movie
Having a Drink movie Run time: 15min
Having a Drink movie Rating: 6.7
Having a Drink movie Genres: Short,Comedy,Horror
Having a Drink movie Director: Randy Smith
Having a Drink movie Writers: Phil Voyd, Randy Smith Filmworks

Having a Drink movie Stars: Ray Besharah, Celine Filion, Nicholas M. di Gaetano

Having a Drink movie Year: 2013
Having a Drink movie Source: Having a Drink movie

James is a highly paid male escort for classy rich women.
Although it  may sound like good fun and as glamorous as it might seem ,
James hates it and feels miserable because of it.
Tonight is Halloween and while having some drinks at the Goes Tavern ,
( a shady bar with a “clientèle” with similar emotional frames as his ) 
something very unusual happens.
A couple , seemingly wearing werewolf masks and carrying a baby and a gun ,
barge into the pub in what seams to be a robbery .
When the intruders actual intentions are known  , everybody wishes  money was what 
brought the weird family there.
James and the two women in the bar are probably thinking they re life’s just took a turn for the worst ,while they see one of them clients being savagely murdered.
Now, attentions are turned to James ,he’s next!..
Will he be able to “make out” of it alive, or any of the two ladies  for that matter ? ..It definitely doesn’t look good to any of them , while they re  looking to those two hairy faces.
Written by Marco Pao
Country: Canada
Language: English

Having a Drink