Dungeon of Evil movie

Year: 2005

Duration: 01:08:56

Directed by: Marc Rohnstock

Actors: Erik Dittmer, Timo Fuchs, Ramon Kaltenbach

Language: German

Country: Germany

Also known as: n/a

Description: No budget SOV german torture porn. I’m going to be lazy and steal the
description from xploitedcinema:

“More extreme splatter from the Germany. Two friends venture into the
woods, of course quickly getting lost. Soon they find an abandoned
building that they decide to investigate. Little do they know that
waiting inside is a maniac. A bloodied psycho with a large array of
weapons and the dress etiquette of a Def Leppard fan.

A serial killing madman who has perfected the ability to create demons
from his previous victims, who he keeps locked up within the dungeon
feeding them any other trespassers who come his way. Will are heroes
survive or will they because the next meal?!? What follows is some of
the best ear slicing, throat ripping and gut tearing Germany has to
offer. Fans of Violent Shit and Zombie 90 will eat this right up.”



 Dungeon of Evil