Takin' It Off movie

Year: 1985

Duration: 01:29:35

Directed by: Ed Hansen

Actors:  Kitten Natividad, Ashley St. Jon, Adam Hadum

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Senteistä kiinni

Description of Takin’ It Off movie: 

Let’s start with the story briefly to (especially in the description it is not) : prima supernumerary strip club (though not a single pole I have not seen – but full of strip dancing ) really wants to try his hand at TV . However, there is one caveat – her huge breasts , which must be reduced to make way there. It’s as complicated – it is not clear why only reduce , like on TV just need spectacular woman – and now this .

The film is annoying, very annoying for three reasons :

First of all – the main character Kitten Natividad , which in addition has a terrible name shabby appearance, it is felt , the cause of the failure is not only in the breasts ) B / U- shnaya Cute eyes has cut considerably.

Second – the same strip dances that are scattered liberally in the film . Which club such and dance – unimportant , nothing interesting , except to endure the film to 90 minutes.

Third – the title track (which is also called as the film ) – it is like and culpable , but in amounts that shoved her into a movie it can undermine even the nerves of steel .

In other respects , everything is normal .

The film “Takin’ It Off” is bright , carefree, a typical representative of the ’80s. Attempts to reduce its heroine a buffer zone with the advice of the doctor – old man with apparent desires , but a special visit to the sanatorium , where she took up a breast specialist – help smiling .

Pleasing skaters actress who as the selection filmography is divided into three parts:

A) Porno

B) Erotic (if you’re lucky)

B) Horror films such as ” The massacre in a hostel ”

The film is not perfect, but not bad for sure – the 90 minutes to view the wasted clearly not going to take .



Takin’ It Off 1985