Silk n' Sabotage movie

Year: 1994

Duration: 01:13:09

Directed by: Joe Cauley

Actors: Julia Kruis, Stephanie Champlin, Cherilyn Shea

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Wild Child 2


Sure…..there’s a beautiful blonde that stars in this the same as the other one…and yes…..she

seems to get naked and have sex the same as in the other one.And ok…..yes…..there is a bunch

of other gals too that can’t seem to keep their clothes on and keep falling into bed also like that

other one. But hey! That’s the same script as 98% of all early 90’s softcore flicks ain’t it? lol Without

a doubt, Jamie (Julia Kruis) stands out, with her gorgeous body, cute face, and absolutely brilliant

acting skills! I’m telling you….I’ve never seen a more convincing performance by an actress while

taking a shower! But she has to be on top of her game, because it’s her job. Creating them, as a

programmer. Makes it nice that her sexy college educated roommates, enjoy naked lingerie parties,

and such……but not everyone can be so lucky. Basic rundown is…..up and coming programer,

gets game program swiped from her by another company, and inbetween all the getting naked

and sex, she and her friends, try to get it back. With Julia Kruis, Stephanie Champlin, Aline

Kassman, Nicole Grey, Cherilyn Shea. 1994’s Silk n’ Sabotage, aka Wild Child 2. Enjoy



Silk n’ Sabotage