Popcorn und Himbeereis movie

Year: 1978

Duration: 01:30:32

Directed by: Franz Josef Gottlieb

Actors: Olivia Pascal, Benny Schnier, Zachi Noy

Language: English Dub

Country: West Germany

Also known as: Popcorn and Ice Cream, Popcorn og hindbæris

Description: Starring Olivia Pascal who also played in Summer Night Fever movie

So….you’ve always just love love LOVED Ursula Buchfellner

but never had the slightest clue what she was saying in her movies, because well….

the only German word you happen to know is Buchfellner, and you’re not real sure what

that means either, except for maybe “gorgeous blonde naked German chick”. If that’s

the case, then boys do I have a good one for you! This video/movie, is a combination of

a DVDrip of “Popcorn und Himbeereis”, with the English audio taken from a mid 80’s US cable recording

to VHS. If you’re thinking “hey…..I just happen to have an HD recording of this from when

I vacationed in Luxomberg 3 years ago, that I’ll just plop this audio on top of!”, all I can do

is wish you luck, because according to the guy that put this together, there was more slicing

and dicing to line things up on this, than he’d care to remember. So, a big thanks to Big Bob

over at VEF for putting some words that I can understand coming from the lips of the gorgeous

German uberbabe from the 80’s, Ursula Buchfellner.  Enjoy!



Popcorn und Himbeereis (1978)