Flænset movieFlænset movie

Year: 2000

Duration: 1:18:00

Directed by: Heini Grünbaum

Actors: Thomas Bo Larsen, Josephine Akvama, Michael Brendstrup

Language: Danish (Eng subtitles)

Country: Denmark

Also known as: 


Flanset Very sleazy, sick and gory danish slasher. It has torture, rape, murder and cannibalism.
Probably the most depraved Scandinavian movie ever!
In my opinion the best Scandinavian movie, forget Bergman, forget Let the right one in,
forget Lars Von Trier cause this is THE Scandinavian movie,
if you haven’t seen this movie and decides not to download it,
then it has to be something wrong with your head.
This movie haven’t got so well in Scandinavia just cause
they think “this is not horror, this is just depraved, repulsive
and sick stuff with not plot at all and only really sick people would enjoy
watching this”

Jan was a normal person, until that moment, until he found his wife in the arms of another man. From this day on Jan derailed. From an ordinary person he has turned into a psycho killer who rapes, kills, and besides, sometimes not averse to indulge some flesh…



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