The Haunted Sea movie

Year: 1997

Duration: 01:14:06

Directed by: Dan Golden, Daniel Patrick

Actors: Krista Allen, Don Stroud, Duane Whitaker

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Horror a bordo, El buque fantasma, Stoiheiomeni thalassa, Ghost Ship

Description: Now for the plot, or as one of my favorite TV program (Up Pompeii) used to put it:
The Prologue.
Imagine. You’re adrift in an abandoned rusty old bucket, in the middle of a vast and cruel ocean.
Your main authority figure, your captain (played by a rummy-eyed James Brolin) is on a different ship and his character is as useless and as minimalist as his acting ever was.
Deep in the hole of the ship lies a cargo of Aztec artifacts guarded by the ghost of a vengeful Aztec god  who likes to create mayhem, kill sailors and have young naked women be sacrificed to him (only gods can afford such great hobbies!).
Your second in command is luscious Joanna Pacula and your second mate is a young and nimble Krista Allen who just happens to know a lot about Aztec art and culture.  Certainly the bushy eyebrows make her a much more believable expert and her “I’ll try anything once” attitude is just bound to get her in trouble.
And you thought this would be a bad film.
The horror…

Review: From the first frame is striking very hackneyed plot . Relationships between the characters , their dialogue , their actions . Even without a clairvoyant can already tell exactly what ‘s all over .

Soon, the action moves to the ” Haunted ship .” Dark room and deserted corridors . Can still worth a movie? Here we just show naked beautiful heroine Allen. Included in this “+”.

And before that was bold “-“. We were shown the wild and brutal killings . It looked something like this: the camera shakes , heard strange sounds that mimic shrieks and roar , then bam ! and ketchup on a wall , the camera begins to shake more hectic in Lens misses something rubber- plastic , again, bam ! ketchup on the floor and the ceiling.

What happens next is banal predictability and here again we see the hysterically twitching camera and ketchup on the walls.

Seen the filmmakers decided to make the interested spectators sitting in bewilderment and suffering from boredom, they use their trump card – a naked Allen.

However, it does not help . We finally see the monster ! At first I thought it was an inflatable mattress on which the last survivor of the hero returns to the land. However, the creators were sverhoriginalnyh people and used this stuff in the form of a rubber monster. It seems to me that the special effects in the tenth century were something better . You may say that they were not ? It is better than any that have such here.

Prior to this we will be able to witness one of the make-up of the characters.

The conclusion is clear : What is the makeup and special effects , the filmmakers do not know .

They also do not know what is normal and plot. Incredibly huge number of stamps, absurd murder, moronic dialogue , rubber monster . All that we have to contemplate the end of the film. In the course we will regularly demonstrate Allen , but it no longer prevails .



The Haunted Sea 1997