Octaman movie

Year: 1971

Duration: 01:18:35

Directed by: Harry Essex

Actors: Pier Angeli, Kerwin Mathews, Jeff Morrow

Language: English

Country: Mexico | USA

Also known as: Oktaman – Die Bestie aus der Tiefe

Description: The definitive “Rubber-Suit Monster Movie”
A team of camping biologist discover a mutant Octaman and his babies in a Mexican swamp (why would an octopus be in a swamp? and for that matter, how does an octa”MAN” have babies)
Early monster effect by Rick Baker.
Actress Pier Angeli who played Susan died of an overdose during filming, makes me wonder if because of budget restriction, is she’s really acting in those scenes where she’s “fainted”.
This also made an appearance in Fright Night as Peter Vincent introduces it as “Mars Wants Flesh”.

Review: I like these movies . Of course, there are bad special effects , the acting is not very , and a good story these movies are no different . Yet all of these flying saucers on strings and people in bad costumes octopus or monsters like me. So I learned that there is another movie like . It has both pluses and minuses.

The most important advantage of this film, I think the unusual atmosphere . Not to say that this atmosphere keeps the audience at the screen , it just sinks to the main event , it seems that the viewer himself travels with the main characters and he is in the same places. So with the help of the atmosphere , the audience seemed to live at the same time , when filmed. I do not know , maybe all this is common only on me, maybe so .

Actors in this film did not play great, but look quite possible. Yes, for this film , they played very well. This is another plus.

Now for the effects. I thought to be attributed to the effects of pluses or minuses. Of course , the effects of bad here . Octaman – nothing more than a man in a silly rubber suit . This poor man . I can imagine how hard it was to act in this horrible suit. Indeed, bad suit , I understand the lack of money . Yet octopus costume , how bad he was, I took it to the pros , because such bad effects only add to the atmosphere of the movies.

Just like in any horror movie , intense moments in the music plays . This music is not awesome , someone may seem silly or even funny . Personally, I have about the music in this movie neutral experience. Neither plus nor minus here , I will not put.

I did not like this film is that it is a bit delayed. On the one hand it seems that the events in the film are not so little. But somehow prolonged. This is a minus .

Essence of the film is quite commonplace for this movie. I too will not be attributed neither to positive or to the negative .

In general, the film was a success , but I advise you to watch it just the same old fans and low-budget horror , as I do.



Octaman 1971