Evolver movie

Year: 1995

Duration: 01:31:52

Directed by: Mark Rosman

Actors: Ethan Embry, Cassidy Rae, Nassira Nicola

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: To apolyto oplo, Jocul virtual


When I watched this movie the first time I really liked it . But after a second viewing I liked it even more. Film from my point of view, not so much entertaining as instructive and helpful. After all, there is shown that at any time can become a reality . Imagine what would happen if one day the robot learns to make himself ? Of course in the movies people always win , but the reality may be quite different. Rise of the Machines – one of the possible doomsday scenarios .


The film is as follows. Cale Baxter – gamers vyigravaet grand prize and receives from the corporation ” Turbopley Industries » Home Design – Home Evolver robot . Robot was generally conceived as a toy for skirmishes with harmless to humans laser pistols. However, past this robot was completely different . And soon , the robot began to educate themselves and acquire new skills until he became deadly to humans . And as he began to develop , it appears that it is not possible limited.


The main character of which is given most of the film presents a combat robot named Evolver . This robot has been designed to detect and destroy the enemy. Long before etog robot came into the house to Cale , he was tested and resulting in out of control . Only a miracle Dr. Russell Bennett managed to disable the robot. A few years later , Russell Bennett decides pereprogromirovat robot and make him a homemade toy . However, the memory of the robot is not completely erased. And the feature of it is that after every defeat in the shootout , he becomes stronger and cultivators , as we move to another level. And besides, the robot is able to use all available means against people if they can be used as a weapon.

And when the robot reaches the final level (level N4), it will become the most powerful , fast and smart . At the final level Evolver yet no one could win .

actors play

Protagonists in the film are Cale Baxter as Ethan Embry played kotorgo and his girlfriend Jamie Sanders who starred in the role of Cassidy Rae. When they first encountered the robot, they were unaware that they had in their hands is not a toy but a real car killer. They learn about it only when Evolver starts to behave strangely and so far there is no killing of one guy in their school. Deciding to return the robot back to their creators but refused, Cale secretly enters the computer room where he and his girlfriend finds out about all Evolver . Soon , when the robot has reached the final level , Kayla and Jamie have to use all their knowledge and skills to destroy the robot .

director’s work

Directorial work too pleased. After all, it depends on : the acting , the image of the robot , special effects, film’s atmosphere and everything else. It is necessary to notice that Mark Rosman writer and director of this film. And this job well done . The film turned out pretty spectacular and tense, viewing it , the audience just did not want to come off the screen .


Very good movie. Which deserves compulsory viewing . The film itself shows quite possible future . After all, if the robot itself will be to produce , it will not only replace human , but can generally wipe out the entire human race .



Evolver 1995