The Wicked Die Slow movie



Directed by: William K. Hennigar

Actors: Gary Allen, Steve Rivard, Jeff Kanew



Also known as: Arrivò Angel Kid e… cominciò la festa, De onde dør langsomt

Description: A very obscure EXPLOTATION WESTERN with lots of GANG RAPE, TITS and BITCHSLAPPING

THE WICKED DIE SLOW begins with a cool theme tune and opening credits drawn by a poor art foundation student

The opening scene – a hot blonde girl riding on horseback wearing a YELLOW T-SHIRT (wuh?) and her titties jiggling pleasingly as she rides – – – and then rides some more to some groovy ‘cowboy psychedelic’ music

After that she – now wearing a more ‘historical’, but skimpy, costume – grooms her horse in a very erotic manner while being spied on by a cowboy who rubs apples on his jacket in a very erotic manner (wuh?)

They chat for a bit as she knows his brother and tells him (in purest ‘hick’) about how her ‘paw’ molested her then committed suicide so, like his brother before him, he moves in to her shack (wuh?)

Then there is a Preacher / Bounty Killer that turns up in town to spout some hellfire and damnation (causing a local to spazz around in the dirt for the Lord). The Preacher / Bounty Killer then goes and kills some wanted men

But you can forget about ALL of that is it is only some filler at the beginning before the actual ‘story’ starts and none of the above characters EVER appear again (wuh?)

Then a Clint-a-like meets a Bandito looking Mexican > “the worst kind of animal – a Mexican” < who is apparently his best buddy (these are the films ‘heros’)

Meanwhile some INJUNS (or are they just HIPPIES) get blasted on firewater and GANG RAPE a girl in a barn

So the Clint-a-like and the Bandito hunt them down and execute them in REVENGE

Another gang of wicked men are beating an old man and are about to GANG RAPE his daughter but the Clint-a-like and the Bandito turn up and shoot them. Happy that her ‘honour’ as been saved she strips and fucks both of them (as women usually do after you rescue them from a RAPING)

Meanwhile a barmaid is GANG RAPED by some more wicked men and is murdered by being shot in her naked tit!

The killing of his wicked men irks their boss who hunts the Clint-a-like and the Bandito down where they are staying (at the barn GANG RAPE girls farm). They torture the Bandito, leave the Clint-a-like for dead and then try and GANG RAPE the girl (she isn’t going to be GANG RAPED twice in the same fucking movie so shoots her self in the gut and dies instantly)

Later the wicked men happen across an Injun brave and his squaw (more HIPPIES) and (have you guessed?) beat him up and GANG RAPE her

But the Clint-a-like and the Bandito are tracking them and turn up to (have you guessed?) spoil their (our) fun and take bloody REVENGE

A mean spirited and misogynistic forgotten film sourced for the UK pre-cert on RANK VIDEO with some ‘gore’ (although even cut throats and shotguns to the face at point-blank only cause the ‘wounded’ area to be doused in red paint)

Unfortunately it is (obviously) a cropped fullscreen 4:3 so the ‘nice’ framing of shots is buggered – God damn it LETTERBOX your fucking movies as in the future we can trim those ‘black bars’




  The Wicked Die Slow (1968)