Killing American Style movie

Year: 1990

Duration: 1:41:17

Directed by:  Amir Shervan

Actors:  Harold Diamond, Jim Brown, Robert Z’Dar

Language: English

Country: USA | Canada

Also known as: Samurai Cop

Description: KILLING AMERICAN STYLE is Amir Shervan’s attempt at the “home invasion”
sub-genre. All users should be familiar with his insanely great/horrible opus
Samurai Cop, and if you aren’t go watch it immediately. This seems to be Amir’s
third American action film (the Iranian filmmaker seems to have made films back
in the middle east), and as with all of his American action films, it pretty
much fell off the face of the earth after being shown almost nowhere.

The quick plot thumbnail: Tony (Robert Z’dar) is a huge-faced thug who, with his
brother and rape-happy buddy, robs a bank, only to get caught by the cops.

While being transported to prison, Tony and his pal are freed by his retarded
uncle and a different brother, who gets gut-shot in the process.

The four men come across a farm house owned by a pony-tailed kickboxer, his
wife, sister-in-law, and annoying son. They hold the family hostage as they wait
for their stolen money to get dropped off.

Meanwhile police lieutenant Jim Brown and his group of bland officers try to
catch the murderous thugs. Will the family escape? Will the cops come? And if
so, will the thugs make good on their promise to use the family as human

Though it can’t rival Samurai Cop, it certainly gives Amir’s Hollywood Cop a run
for it’s money. The film features plenty of Shervan’s trademarks: Ed Woodian
reaction shots, plentiful boobs, awkward dialogue, grating synth music,
nausea-inducing sex scenes, and a hero with lusciously flowing locks. Also, the
ambiguously gay Hispanic waiter appears in this film as a Japanese doctor, and
several scenes feature actors clearly reading off script pages that are visible
in the shot.



Killing American Style 1990