In a Glass Cage movie

Year: 1987

Duration: 1:47:24

Directed by: Agustí Villaronga

Actors: Günter Meisner, David Sust, Marisa Paredes

Language: Spanish(English soft subs)

Country:  Spain

Also known as: Tras el cristal (original title), Uvegkalitkában, Im Glaskafig

Description: Klaus, an ex-Nazi doctor living in exile, lies confined in an iron lung after a failed suicide attempt. One day a mysterious young man appears, one with strong ties to Klaus’ hidden past… Starring Marisa Paredes, who also played in High Heels

A strange, disturbing film, quite possibly the best movie to come out of Spain in the 80s. With its unflinching portrayals of child abuse, both physical and sexual, and its themes of perpetuation of human evil, this is not an easy one to sit through. This particular rip was taken from the German Bildstörung release, and the subtitles were taken from the US print.

Review: “In a Glass Cage” – a film about power, but, unlike Pasolini Villaronga not imply political allegories. Fascism at it, according to critics, is only one illustration of the abuse of power – the power of the parents, the killers, physical illness, etc. In later stages – until the end of the film – Klaus (his role went to Gunter Meissner, who often have ever played before Hitler or SS officers) lies in a villa in Catalonia paralyzed and completely helpless, completely dependent on his wife Griselda (Marisa Perez) and her daughter Rena.

It survives only because of mechanical, similar to the coffin ventilator running on electricity and gasoline. Klaus is doomed to spend the rest of life in the coffin of glass and metal, otherwise he would die of suffocation. The house appears Angelo (Ricardo Karselero), a young man who convinces Griselda that he was a nurse at the hospital.

In the course of the film Tras el cristal become clear reason for being a former Nazi doctor Angelo: he took possession of the diary, which his doctor recorded the military experiments, experiments paedophilic and murder. Rena is tied to the boy, and Griselda, revealing that Angelo has never worked in the hospital, trying to make it go away. Angelo kills her maid fires on vacation …

He dresses up in an army uniform Clos, goes to the village, there is little umstvennootstalyh kidnaps a boy and kills him in the bedroom in front of the Clos. Angelo’s mental state is deteriorating day by day. Leading the way – another murder the boy with homoerotic overtones and rape of a dying doctor.

Villaronga uses the device of the film in the film Tras el cristal. In “99.9” is a movie made by a researcher who died transcendent beings, “Aro Tolbukhina” this old film, supposedly left over from the first, unfinished film “documentary” about the arsonist Tolbukhina Aro, was executed twenty years ago. Only in these films – Tolbuhin what it saw before his execution, his words, his facial expression. The rest – the memories and reconstruction. In “Behind the Glass” is not just a diary massacres at the hands of Angelo, where the director is actively using these archival photos and films about the Third Reich. Klaus – has turned into a bag of bones in a closed glass cover for ventilation. This clearly resembles the Miller cap “glass booth,” but he also has a very “glass darkly,” in which or through which we see ourselves and others in this life. However, there is another “glass darkly” – a camera lens. And on the special properties of the second glass darkly insist Spanish filmmakers.

Review #2: Klaus – a former Nazi war criminal, who conducted horrific experiments on human beings in times of war and being a pedophile. Klaus attempted suicide after the murder of one of the victims, and now he is bedridden respirator. Lying in a glass coffin like a mummy, placed on display, Klaus expects nothing more from life. Once in his house there is a certain Angelo who wants to take care of Klaus and his appearance is the beginning of a nightmare. in which each assigned a role of the victim and the executioner.

The film “In a Glass Cage” by the Spanish director Augusto Villarongi – radical author of horror, in which the director explores the reasons for the appeal of violence, fascist ideology, power, corrupting and destroying the rights and changing the role of the victim and its executioner, when the victim behavior suddenly turns against the abuser. Also affected by the actual picture of the now topic of pedophilia and Augusto Villaronga in tough, realistic and shocking colors to show the essence of this behavior.

Ricardo Karselero Angelo played brilliantly, creating a truly frightening image of a man hypnotized by the nature of violence. Incredibly well done with the role Griselda, wife of Klaus, a famous Spanish actress Marisa Paredes.

The operator Hawm Perakola made a film in the oppressive, depressive and eerie tones, gradually immersing you in the spiritual darkness of the main characters.

Javier Navarrete wrote to the picture of a powerful and incredibly somber soundtrack drives the viewer into a trance and horror.

“In a Glass Cage” – a film of 1987 yeaar is shocking and hard, which I recommend to fans of the author only and unformatted horror movie. In this film under the magnifying glass shows one of the most horrific human variation – pedophilia and even though I do not recommend this picture of people nervous and children under 18, do not recognize it realistic and sobering impossible. “Behind the Glass” – it is also a film about fascism and its neoklerikalah in today’s world, the film is a warning and a film-appeal from Augusto Villarongi.



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