Eccentric Psycho Cinema 3 movie

Year: 1998

Duration: 01:37:10

Directed by: Shinji Imaoka

Actors: Yûmi Endô, Chiaki Ônishi

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Also known as: Bottled Vulva: High School Girl Yuriko, Binzume nyoin: Joshikôsei · Yuriko

Description: In the tradition of sick Japanese videos like Guinea Pig and Nikkatsu-rape and S/M films comes this Ultra Depraved series featuring women being chained up, beaten, abused with toy airplanes, bottles, box cutters, etc, then sexually mutilated by a crazed male psychopath! In all of both series the clitoris is removed and kept as a souvenir! Yes, it’s carved out and removed in graphic detail! It’s then put in a jar to be preserved next to the other one’s he’s kept! Gross, bloody, and sick as hell, these films you wont soon forget!

Its pretty difficult to track down any information on these films, but heres my best effort. There is some debate, it appears, which series is the 1st series. Whether its Bottled Vulva or Female Body Collection, because according to different information sites, Bottled Vulva: Bank Teller Noriko is EPC 1 and Female Body Collection : Stewardess Risa is EPC 3. Strange because they are from a different trilogy. You would’ve thought that EPC 1 and EPC 3 would be from the same series. With that in mind, I will refer to the Bottled Vulva trilogy as EPC 1, 2 and 3, and the Female Body Collection as EPC 4, 5 and 6. But I do know the order of each trilogy.

Bottled Vulva Trilogy
EPC 1 : Bottled Vulva: Bank Teller Noriko
EPC 2 : Bottled Vulva: High School Girl Yuriko.
EPC 3 : Bottled Vulva: Kindergarten Teacher Kyoko.

Bottled Vulva is part of the J·nex-produced trilogy, which Hollywood Film Co. Ltd. (K.K. Hariuddo Firumu) released on VHS in Japan under its Spider label circa 1998;

Female Body Collection Trilogy
EPC 4 : Female Body Collection: Female Teacher Mika
EPC 5 : Female Body Collection: Stewardess Risa
EPC 6 : Female Body Collection: High School Girl Mina

Female Body Collection is part of the J·nex-produced trilogy, which Hollywood Film also released on VHS in Japan under its Spider label circa 1998.

Also i have the last one that i know to in the Eccentric Psycho Cinema range, that is the Dog Woman episode which is known as::
EPC 7 : Dog Woman
A crazed pet-store owner grabs female customers and keeps them in chains, treating them like animals for his amusement! Heavy humiliations, beatings, some gore, etc.

All are uncut and have NO subtitles.



Eccentric Psycho Cinema (1998)