Women in Heat Behind Bars movie

Year: 1987

Duration: 01:09:40

Directed by: Junichi Suzuki

Actors: Mako Takigawa, Saeko Kizuki, Makoto Kobayashi, Shinobu Wakana

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Also known as: Ori no naka no hoshigaru onnatachi

Description: WOMEN IN HEAT BEHIND BARS (87) aka Ori No Naka No Hoshigaru Onnatachi from director of Onna Kyoshi Gari. Sadistic women in prison smut from the ever-reliable Japanese. Uses the standard framing device of having various characters pondering the events leading up to their incarceration, more often than not while another inmate’s face is buried between their legs. Highlights(?) include an assembly line cavity search, the old human toilet trick and, well, call us crude (won’t be the first time) but any movie that opens on a close up of a woman vigorously pawing at her oily twat has got our attention! Letterboxed Japanese language print with NO English subtitles



Women in Heat Behind Bars