Mark Of The Whip 2005

Year: 2005

Duration: 01:55:57

Directed by: Roman Nowicki

Actors: Hana Liska, Kate Blonde, Maria Vaslova, Baron Trenck, Conrad Bismarck

Language: English

Country: UK

Also known as:

Description: Mark Of The Whip is a quite a cautionary tale for girls who love to travel by car on unfamiliar terrain ... Cute girl rides on a forest road at night. Her car breaks down. She pulls out a map and decides to find the nearest village for the night. Suddenly out of the darkness next to the car appears disgusting ugly old woman. A girl asks her for help, but the old woman silently removed. After that, the traveler out of the car and its surrounding crowd of local farmers (having hideous appearance, something similar to the vampires of "Wrong Turn"). Instead, to feed and warm the girl, they make her undress, tied hands to the tree and start to whip her whip. When, after a long execution unhappy thinking that the worst is behind us, out of the darkness appears, "Chief Ghoul" (the spitting image of "Fantomas" from the French film of the same name), holding a huge stick ..... From director of Abducted by the Daloids

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Mark Of The Whip 2005