Ilsa: Harem Keeper for the Oil Shieks

Year: 1976

Duration: 01:33:06

Directed by: Don Edmonds

Actors: Dyanne Thorne, Mike Thayer, Victor Alexander, Tanya Bond, Marilyn Joi, Jerry Delony, Uschi Digard

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Elza - strazniczka haremu, Ilsa - Haremswächterin des Ölscheichs, Ilsa, gardienne du harem, Ilsa, la belva del deserto, I thilyki taxiarhia tis kolaseos

Description: Starring Uschi Digard, who also played in Prison Girls and Fantasm. Greet our beautiful Ilsa, who has finally found a new job. You might remember all her previous adventures, and if you do you know what to anticipate from the film. Ilsa is still looking as young as she has been at the end of World War II (or maybe even younger), and is ready to work. Now her new employer is an Arab sheik who appears to have very interesting ways of entertaining himself. Specifically, he is engaged into importing women from all over the world to use them as sex slaves, as that’s what he enjoys a lot. The movie will sound very promising for you if you don’t mind to slowly watch all his victims falling into a trap, especially when you learn that the list of the victims includes movie stars, beautiful equestrians, and even the daughter of American millionaire. From director of Tomcat Angels

Review: When I began to think, to choose which movie to review on natsisploiteyshn, I ran into a problem: the only film I've seen this, so to say, the role of "Ilsa - She-Wolf SS," I'm already in my time has reviewed. Do not worry, there are sequels. But it so happened that the first of the sequels, "Ilsa - Harem Keeper of the oil sheikh", the original left only the general outline of getting rid of the Nazi symbols. Well, I had to accept this substitute for other similar instances such as "Bloody Nights Gestapo" does not inspire much hope. Thus, the second film about Ilse.

Except for the change of scene, everything else remains the same - torture, sadism, tons of nudity and blood, and, in fact, Ilsa by perpetuating Diana Thorne. Only the plot was added oriental flavor and spy intrigue, but everything else is quite familiar.

Blood is still full. Torture torn eyes, man-eating ants ... Yes it will take every fan of torture. Here are just punctuated it with no blood, just repulsive ekzertsisami like "fattened" concubine, Ilse punishment by rape disgusting tramp or beggar's nephew Sheikh contained similar beast. That's all there is never attractive.

This is partly mitigated naked girls are here, of course, fully complete, but we must remember that any holder of attractive forms on the next frame can be in the instruments of torture, so it is not all smooth. In short, the situation is repeated with the first film - nervous better to look for something more calming.

The plot is added before all other tyry-pyram attempts at espionage, while ignoring the fact that in the first part as Ilsa would have died, plus without explaining how the action shifted to the seventies (in general, about the time of the action does not say, but judging by the modern aircraft in one of the frames - it clearly is not the forties). In the end there will be an uprising again, but it was initiated by the already very Ilsa. That does not cancel the fact that in the final villain will be punished.

In general, the sequel turned out a little better than the original - it is more a flourish assembled, but the typical cycle sores still remain. Is there a fascist themes, whether - it's quite bright, but purely amateur porn tortures. In that torture, in fact, more than most porn. For me personally, this is a film at a time.



Ilsa: Harem Keeper for the Oil Shieks 1976