C.I.A. Secret Story movie

Year: 1975

Duration: 01:42:27

Directed by: Giuseppe Ferrara

Actors: Adalberto Maria Merli, Mariangela Melato, Francisco Rabal, Riccardo Cucciolla

Language: English

Country: Italy

Also known as: Faccia di spia, A História Secreta da CIA, Ta eglimata tis C.I.A

Description: Faccia di Spia tries to tell the story of the CIA and other government intelligence agencies with lots of re-creations and dramatizations and points out some of the more brutal aspects of the intelligence community from around the world. Wars are started, all facets of everyday life are controlled, innocent people are tortured needlessly and subjected to extreme violence.

“This film is based on real documents and facts that are no longer secret. The greater part of the CIA’s intrigues and crimes have still to be revealed”.

Starring Riccardo Cucciolla, who also filmed in Loving Cousins



C.I.A. Secret Story 1975