The Torturer (2005)

Year: 2005

Duration: 01:34:01

Directed by: Lamberto Bava

Actors: María Blanco-Fafián, Elena Bouryka and Carla Cassola

Language: English

Country: Italy

Also known as: A Tortura, Il torturatore, O sadistis

Description: Hoping to become famous, Ginette, a young actress, auditions for Alex Scerba, a rather eccentric director notorious for his outrageous, unrestrained films and his constant search for the ultimate shock effect. During the auditions Ginette falls for Alex and the two start going out together. From certain unequivocal clues, Ginette comes to realize that her best friend Marzia, who disappeared several days before without leaving a trace, also auditioned for Scerba.  In the same place, other young women are auditioning for a mysterious personage whose face and identity are both concealed. Three of these girls, desperate to become actresses, are subjected to a crazy screening process characterized by insane, depraved tortures.  These two very modern tales, linked by the story line of a delirious, troubled mind, play themselves out over a brief period of time only to end up entwined one with the other in the grand finale. Ginette investigates her friend's disappearance and sneaks into the Scerba villa, where Alex's elderly, mentally disturbed mother, stepfather and taciturn foreign maid live. Could Marzia have been in the villa before disappearing? And who is the mysterious Torturer who delights in provoking young women, in placing them in extreme situations and then in filming the agony of their death throes and the subsequent decomposition of their bodies?  Terrified, Ginette attempts to escape from Alex's villa only to fall into the hands of the Torturer



The Torturer (2005)