Girl In The Lift movie

Year: 2007

Duration: 01:22:48

Directed by: Vick Campbell

Actors: Thais Buforn, Anarka De Ossorio and Albert Gammond

Language: English

Country: Spain

Also known as:

Description: A businesswoman (Hana Liska) strips naked to carry up supplies in a grungy old cage elevator, only to be imprisoned there by the security guard, who proceeds to "instruct" her over the course of several days.

The first of the "Terror Perverse!" series from Poland's Teraz Films ("Fantom Killer," "Mark Of The Whip," "Fantom Seducer," some already here at, combining "hardcore elements in the style of the Italian Fumetti books of the '70s & '80s" with hilariously-unintelligible accents, Jacques Cousteau-style line delivery, a blistering-hot, oiled-up female body, and brutal S&M action in a creepy setting, dished out by a creepier goon.

Review: I didn't even know this one existed from Teraz. I almost feel guilty when I download their stuff cause I think they are one of the best producer's of 10th rate sleaze out there. But since I own 3 of their way overpriced dvds... I feel a little better 🙂  Seriously tho, pricing yourself right out of the market you're aimed at isn't really a good idea. It's not high art, most of their stuff is basically softcore "murder porn". Steer way clear of their hardcore, that shit is really bad haha. And I don't mean bad good. I just mean bad.



Girl In The Lift