Day of the Idiots 1981

Year: 1981

Duration: 01:44:33

Directed by: Werner Schroeter

Actors: Carole Bouquet, Ingrid Caven, Christine Kaufmann

Language: German

Country: West Germany

Also known as: Tag der Idioten, O Dia dos Idiotas, Le jour des idiots, I mera ton ilithion

Description: In this non-story of the mentally and emotionally impaired inhabitants of a clinic for the insane, the medical profession along with humanity is distorted into a long, filmic exhibition of sado-masochism, urination, and ample nudity for its own sake. Critics that support the avant-garde might feel that the lack of apparent purpose in each "idiot's" (the title is "Day of the Idiots') physical and emotional problems is a form of high art. The viewers will have to decide for themselves.



Day of the Idiots aka Tag der Idioten