Bad Girls 1981

Year: 1981

Duration: 01:21:26

Directed by: David I. Frazer, Svetlana

Actors: Michelle Bauer, Anna Ventura and Victoria Knoll

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Angie Kate Chrissy and Bo, A Floresta do Prazer

Description: Although in some ways a film Ed Wood would have been proud to call his own, "Bad Girls" is nonetheless a porno high-water mark. It achieves classic status in two ways. First, it boasts the maiden hardcore appearance of four incredibly attractive young women, all of whom made few, if any, future porn films (ditto for the very attractive supporting cast). Pia Snow and Anna Ventura in particular have engendered plaintive WEHT questions for years (For those who care, Pia, as Michelle Bauer, later had a very active career as a "B" movie scream queen ala Linnea Quigley who played in Kidnapped Girls Agency and Animals). Second, it's one of the few porn films where the sex flows from the plot, as opposed to being grafted in between pointless plot interludes. The performers aren't just fucking in front of a camera, they're acting while they're fucking in front of a camera (or trying to act, anyway). They're fucking in character. Some of the sexiest moments are non-sex scenes, such as the incredibly bitchy tease that Anna Ventura & Co, lay on a poor, innocent boy scout (a real one, too. This kid can't be more than sixteen). Teasing is a theme that runs throughout "Bad Girls". Teases such as the challenging, angry tease that Victoria Knoll and Richard Pacheco pull off in the first scene or the sexual tension builders leading up to Lenora Bruce's scene with John Leslie. Even in the rape scene with Ron Jeremy and Anna Ventura, the proto-hog demands that Anna tease him and pretend that she's playing hard to get. Sure, the acting is largely laughable, the plot inane and the production values chintzy, but "Bad Girls" is still a great porn flick



Bad Girls 1981