Streets movie

Year: 1990

Duration: 01:24:54

Directed by: Katt Shea

Actors: Christina Applegate, David Mendenhall, Eb Lottimer and Jane Chung

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Calles peligrosas, Straßen des Schreckens

Description: Released a few years after Christina Applegate became a television star on the hit show Married With Children, Streets shows a much darker side to her talent. Applegate stars as Dawn, a drug-addicted teenage prostitute living on the streets of Los Angeles. When Sy, a clean-cut, middle-class teen runaway with dreams of becoming a rock star, witnesses a customer beating Dawn, he comes to her rescue. Dawn then takes in Sy and teaches him about the streets. But her attacker, a motorcycle cop (who is about as relentless as the T-1000), is hot on their trail looking for revenge. Directed by Katt Shea (Dance Of The Damned)

Review: Great movie with amazing actress! Christina Applegate is illiterate (in the sense, reading and writing can not) a prostitute and drug addict. Her character named Don (Dawn) lives on the street with the same fate does not conquered teenagers. Parallel tells police sadist who kills prostitutes.

Film exceptionally well due to the excellent direction and script. I would like to highlight Christina because her game is just amazing. Play it in 18 years - is worth something. Christina is amazing how illiterate heroine, and her final scene at the bus depot is exciting and heartbreaking. The film evoked sympathy and compassion, but this is not a snotty film labored feelings.



Streets 1990