The Mutilator  movie

Year: 1985

Duration: 01:26:0021

Directed by:   Buddy Cooper

Actors: Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Bill Hitchcock

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: El mutilador, Fall Break, Mutilator 1985

Description: The little boy is trying to make a gift to his father's birthday, and is taken to clean his gun. However, while cleaning it shoots and kills his mother preparing the holiday dinner. Years pass, and the child becomes a young man named Ed, and the father has long been unheard of. But one day, he calls his son and asks him to close the house, which is located in a remote location away from civilization, and in which there was the terrible tragedy. Together with friends, Ed goes to the island and they all decide to have a party, but none of them even do not know that on the same island and his father Ed, who has stocked various murder weapons and waiting for a convenient moment to strike ...

Review: The plot of The Mutilator is frankly idiotic - summer day, my mother slowly prepares a cake for her husband's birthday. The son meanwhile pulls a gun out of the closet to shoot at home (maybe not quite to that, but it all looked as if the boy really wanted poshmalyat a gun is in the house). Anyway, after a couple of seconds after the gun is taken into the light, my mother gets shot in the back. Son scared, like my father arrived home that instantly goes crazy. It takes many years. The son has grown up and matured, and now he's with five friends decided to celebrate the weekend in a house by the sea. But it is in the same house ... entrenched folder that all the time not wasted, and in general, has become an evil and brutal serial killer.

It seems to be pretty crazy scenario, but Buddy Cooper managed to make it through to the very well made film, very recommended for viewing. In the first place, of course, due to special effects and, as it should, spectacular and bloody murders. It is accompanied by a large amount of blood and a very decent, make-up, which apparently lowered and the entire budget.

Actors also have got a very mediocre, but mediocrity and outright among them, and that though thanks. Decent enough maniac, but he is absolutely devoid of charisma - just crazed little man, though well-played by Jack Chatham.

The scale is good, especially like to mention sweet music in the beginning, when my mother was preparing a cake. There is a bit of nudity in the scene with a swimming pool, but honestly - I would like more. Moments where the film tries to poyumorit look very fresh, nothing good comes out of these jokes.

You know, after all despite good visuals and special effects I have to admit that "Buster" is now where it should. In obscurity. And the special effects are not affected - you can think of other forgotten slasher with a good make-up ("Blood Song» ("Blood song»), for example). As for the idea and the script - the beginning frankly delusional, and fresh ideas in the film. But if you like horror movies and if you can find this film - try to give "The Mutilator " a chance. Suffer ridiculous start and the first half hour swing - and you get Mighty slasher. Perhaps he will not disappoint you.

Review #2: Whether it all depends on the mood, then this film is difficult to assess objectively the first time, but the fact that at the first viewing was perceived as negative, in different light after the second viewing. Of course, the film Buddy Cooper is unconditional disadvantages. For example, the strange, illogical prologue, where we show the boy, who, as a birthday gift for his father decided to clean his gun, but one of them accidentally shot and killed his mother, is preparing a special dinner. My father came home, for some reason, dragging the corpse in the room from the living room, pouring alcohol into her mouth, puts on her congratulatory note to yourself and have to wait for an ambulance or the police. Came to his mind when his father, or he used to be in order, or it sank slowly into madness? The answer to this question is no, as to the why the father decides to kill his son at a time, ten years after the accident, which invites him to the house where the murder occurred. And why is the son grieves for him in the final, when the heroes to save his life, he was killed? As if he did not know that his father is crazy.

All these oddities director does not explain, and even creates the impression that for him it does not matter. Much more interesting to Buddy Cooper seems methodical extermination of the friends of the protagonist, whom he had brought with him. And then when re-viewing must be noted that the director does so skillfully, pumping where necessary tension. Yes, it is self arises when comparing the scenes where the characters carefree fun in the house and scenes where we show the father, armed with an ax, which, like a wild animal sits in a cubbyhole in the garage, waiting in the wings.

Of course, Buddy Cooper tested the influence of "Friday the 13th". This is indicated by rapidno filmed killing a girl in the pool (just like in the first part, where Jason dragged under by a main character), as well as numerous scenes where we show the kind of person maniac who keeps track of unsuspecting victims. But it does not look like "Friday the 13th" picture soundtrack, where a lot of tunes in the style of country music that sets the viewer is clearly on the frivolous way. However, even without this humor in the film Buddy Cooper's enough, and therefore you can even take it as a unique band in a sense, the connection with the youth slasher comedy.

But a cult status among slasher fans earned "The Mutilator" is not all that, and brutal murder scenes, made at a high level. The most prominent of their sadism and naturalistic last murder in which a maniac skewer girl on healthy fish hook so that it comes out of her stomach, and then cuts off his head. In this regard, it becomes clear to even the rarity of this slasher: apparently, without going through censorship, the film did not receive the full rental, then was forgotten for many years, and only somewhere in the 1990 slasher fans, revising a bunch of pictures of this kind in 1980 - ies. finally reached and "Fiend", and then was struck by the brutal violence, slasher uncharacteristic of the time, it was erected in the cult. And someday, maybe someone will ask, and to translate "Fiend" on the Russian language, even though, in all honesty, it will understand the meaning of even those who do not know English well, because to understand it, in fact, nothing . It's more of a delight to the eye than to the mind.



The Mutilator 1985