The Clown at Midnight 1999

Year: 1999

Duration: 01:25:48

Directed by: Jean Pellerin

Actors: Christopher Plummer, Margot Kidder and Sarah Lassez

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:  El clown, El payaso a medianoche, Kuoleman ooppera, Le clown de l'horreur, O Palhaço Assassino, O clown fantasma, Ultimo atto

Description: The death of the singer Lorraine Sedgwick on stage at the hands of her lover, the tenor Lorenzo Orsini (Christopher Plummer who played in Vampire in Venice), permanently lowered the opera's curtain. After 15 years, the theater was granted for employment to student drama groups. Just the one in which, by the will of fate, enrolled daughter of Lorraine - Kate. She was began to pursue by the nightmares and sinister vision. Kate sees the same as her mother in her last night. Besides wanting to scare the students, the building owner, Mr. Carruthers says that Orsini ghost still roams the theater.  Students take it as a joke, but when it turns out that the phones do not work, and the doors tightly shut, it takes serious turn. Ruthless killer, dressed in a suit, which was on the day of the murder Orsini Lorraine prepared for each student an original surprise ...

Review: Clown slasher starring Margot Kidder (Black Christmas) and Christopher Plummer. Some students work during Christmas vacation to reopen a  theater where, decades before, a killer clown ( not from outer space) killed one of the student's opera-singing mom. Of course, history will not repeat itself and the killer clown won't return to commit gruesome and creative acts of slashery upon the students. There's no way that could happen... Canadian film, shot in the Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnepeg ( Burton Cummings is the lead singer for the Canadian rock band The Guess Who).



The Clown at Midnight 1999