Hard Sensation 1980

Year: 1980

Duration: 01:26:19

Directed by:  Joe D'Amato

Actors: George Eastman, Dirce Funari and Annj Goren

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: 

Description: Three escaped convicts hide out on an island with four girls along with their two body guards who are enjoying there vacation... until the three escaped convects show up and kill the two body guards. The women then are forced to have sex with the men. To make matters worse all of the women are virgins. But one of the men decides who is the "good" man in the bunch decides to help the women, but fails. The women soon take revenge and kill the remaining two convicts.

Review: Hard Sensation was directed by Joe D'Amato (Beyond The Darkness and The Pleasure)  and released in 1980. This film is probably the rarest in his Carribean series and is sort of a hardcore remake of Franco Prosperis Terror aka La Settima Donna. Three escaped convicts are stranded on a Carribean island where they invade the home of three wealthy schoolgirls. They rape and abuse the girls until retribution takes place. This adults only feature contains an abundance of sex and sleaze.



Hard Sensation 1980