Year: 2000

Duration: 01:18:00

Directed by: Gary Winick

Actors: Sigourney Weaver, Aaron Stanford and Kate Mara

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Alle lieben Oscar, Um Jovem Sedutor, Alle lieben Oscar oder Wie verführt man seine Stiefmutter

Description: 16-year-old Oscar, unlike his peers, is attracted by mature women. Such as Eve. Capable of serious sense, not that frivolous girl. Who knows, maybe he's right. Maybe wrong? ..

Review: I got to the "Tadpole" not so long ago, in 2011, the year of. And now greatly regret not having watched it earlier.

I want to say that the film leaves a pleasant feeling. I think no one can remain indifferent to the protagonist. He inspires confidence and a strong interest in his problem. Maybe someone will recognize in this young man himself and understand how difficult life is here this adolescent peers. He is smart, observant, and he is simply bored with the girls next to her age (as he said himself). That's why Oscar soon begins to turn into adult circles, where women have intelligence and wit.

Today, many families are faced with the same problem. Most just do not know how to cope with it so often among family quarrels, which can sometimes be fatal. This film shows how another family to cope with such a crisis without major losses.

This is a good movie. Yes, despite the fact that there strained relations in the family, he is kind. Someone "Tadpole" will help to understand themselves, to look at their favorite from a different angle, and perhaps to understand that they do not have enough attention and care, while others it will provide food for thought.



Tadpole 2000