A Menina Do Lado movie

Year: 1987

Duration: 01:24:07

Directed by: Alberto Salvá

Actors: Reginaldo Faria, Flávia Monteiro and Débora Duarte

Language: Portuguese

Country: Brazil

Also known as: 

Description: The movie "Menina Do Lado" has something familiar with Lolita

Married journalist middle age arrives at the beach resort town of Buzios, Brazil, to write a book. He gradually falls in love with the daughter of his neighbor - beautiful girl teenager, much younger than him, regardless of the social consequences.

Actress by the time the film was really as old as her character and, as they say, she was a virgin, because of what her mother had to give her some advice for the filming of intimate scenes. The film has caused a heated debate in Brazil after the show on the local TV, but this is not surprising...